Meet Actor Daniel Ross, The 3rd Voice Of Donald Duck

Ross, who has more than 1.2 million followers on TikTok, has received global recognition for his work and accolades, one of which was the highest honor at the 2020 Voice Arts Awards, winning “Best Voice Actor for his Outstanding Body of Work.”

American Actor and Voice Artist Daniel Ross continues to make waves in the entertainment industry.  He is most recognizable for being the third person to lend his voice to Disney’s beloved character Donald Duck, beginning with the smash hit “Mickey and the Roadster Racers” from Disney Junior. 

Ross has had a wide and varied career from on-camera performances, to voicing some of the most iconic characters in animation and videogames.  From voicing the evil Decepticon Starscream in 2007’s “Transformers: The Game”, to the sugary mascot of Lucky Charms Cereal as Lucky the Leprechaun, and was awarded the highest honor at the 2020 Voice Arts Awards as “Best Voice Actor” for his outstanding body of work. 

Ross has accrued a whopping 1.2 Million followers on TikTok, where he showcases a wide array of entertaining content like voice impressions, hilarious SNL-type characters, to warming the hearts of his audience through his authenticity, positivity, and fan interactions.

His most recent viral video features his late Mother, fondly known as “Momma Duck”, who taught him how to speak like the famous Duck.  In the video they share a touching moment as she describes how she learned the voice.  Ross explains that they would affectionately talk to each other like Donald, but had no idea what that skill would manifest into later in life.  Regarding the video Ross says, “It’s true Disney Magic that we were able to share something so special together, but even more so that I can share that joy with the world.  Wherever I go, people tell me the stories of someone special in their lives who would do that voice and make them smile.  In that way, we all share something magical together.”  He continues, “My Mom was so special to me, she fervently supported my dreams and her recent loss has only galvanized my determination to honor her through my work to bring as much joy as I can, because she was pure joy.”

Ross is represented by ‘CESD Talent’ Los Angeles, CA for Voiceover, and ‘Celebworx’ Burbank, CA for Convention Appearances.

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