How To Part The Wig To Look Better?

How To Part The Wig To Look Better?

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If a woman were given a lace frontal wig or a full lace wig, how would she design it to make it look better? Here are a few common styles of hair parts.

1. Middle/Center Part

The center part is one of the easiest parts, and it is a common sight. A round face girl should choose the middle part because it can lengthen the face visually。

The center part shifts people’s attention from the side to the center. It has symmetry. Those who stay with the middle part are said to have a balanced and peaceful character. At the same time, on some formal and serious occasions, some women will choose a middle part human hair lace front wig, and then a low ponytail.

2. Non-central Part

The non-central part is an ideal choice for women who want the middle part but want it to look less serious. It is suitable if women need to offset the distinctive features on their face. It also fits women with a square face, as it adds depth.  

To get the hair off-center, comb the hair with a mouse-tail comb, separate the hair 1 to 2 cm from the center or the bridge of the nose.

3. Side Part-Left Part/Right Part

The side part suits everybody and all of the face shapes. People can part it left or right. It will still look good on them. To create a natural side part look, women can run fingers through the hair to create the side part and see where it falls. People can choose to amplify the volume on one side, and then tuck the other side behind their ears to create a classic look. Changing sides is usually also a way to make hair looks full and cover up thinning hair.

The side part will highlight the best features, such as cheekbones or eyes. If the hairline is relatively high and does not want to expose the forehead in a large area, in addition to bangs, the side part is also a very effective way. The direction of the front hair from upper left to lower right, or vice versa, upper right-lower left, can perfectly block part of the forehead.

To get a side part, women need to choose a lace front wig or full lace wigs.

4. Zigzag Part

The zigzag is a fun, outgoing hair section that creates the”I wake up like this” look. It can hide the baby’s hairs, increasing clarity and texture. To create this look, make a straight section with the corner of the comb, and then crisscross as comb the hairline. It makes the hair fluffy. It is a good choice for people with relatively little hair.

5. How To Create A Clean And Beautiful Part?  

A. Put on affordable lace front wigs, get all hair back from their face with a paddle brush.

B. Prepare a comb with wider teeth at one end and closer teeth at the other end, put the comb where want to go separate with the end of the comb which will give a nice and clean part.

C. Wet hair and follow the last step again to make sure all the hair is in the direction. And let it dry or blow out the roots, make sure to set the hairdryer low as we don’t want to burn wig lace.

Two clips are then placed on each side for 5-10 minutes and then taken them away.

D. Don’t forget to use hair gel, some styling cream, or something similar to tame the foam and keep it in place.

6. Notes:

Most people have their lace frontal wigs or full lace wigs, and they don’t change their hairstyles very often, whether it is out of preferences or habits, or just because it is easier to do it every day.

But change the style of the part very often, not just change the look — which is good for human hair wig. Keeping the hair in the same position every day, using a hairdryer at a place for a long time can also aggravate the damage to this part of the hair. So changing the lace hair part often is one of the easiest ways to maintain the hair.

7. Where Can Women Buy Brazilian Human Hair Lace Frontal Wigs?

West Kiss Hair provides real human hair wigs. On the website, people can find cheap lace front wigs, full lace wigs, HD lace wigs, etc. Some wigs are with free parts, people can part them whatever they want. Go and find their lace wigs!

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