Transitioning Between Two Different Wood Floors Can Make a Home or Office More Appealing

Transitioning Between Two Different Wood Floors Can Make a Home or Office More Appealing

Whether a floor is simply old or outdated, a property owner, either residential or business may decide to transition from one floor style or type of floor to another. This can be done room by room, or entire transition of flooring can be desired in a property. Three Trees Flooring of Toronto, ON, has been serving the GTA and surrounding areas with the finest types of hardwood, manufactured hardwood, plywood, and even parquet flooring for many years and is a specialist in successful transitioning between two different wood floors.

Wood flooring, both natural hardwood, manufactured hardwood, and even plywood remains the most popular choice of property owners. But there is skill sets needed to successfully transition from one flooring to another. Three Trees Flooring can make suggestions and is ready to assist with installation when transitioning between two different wood floors.

Misconceptions exist about aesthetics and even the skills necessary for successful transitioning in hardwood flooring. Aesthetically, many individuals do believe that all flooring choice must match. This is not true and a difference in flooring between rooms can add ambience and character to a property. Some types of flooring such as plywood are more water resistant and more durable than the other types and are a good choice for high traffic areas.

Parquet flooring that compliments wood flooring is often chosen for visual appeal. Wall color is also a consideration as the colors of the wood and the different grains of all wood flooring can be enhanced by pulling together a total look of any space.

Great care is needed when transitioning between two different types of wood flooring as removal of the old flooring and installation of the new if done improperly can damage the wood panels costing time and money. Professional installation is recommended by Three Trees Flooring. The correct installation of binders, buffers, and moldings must also occur or gaps between the subfloor and the edges will occur and leave the flooring looking disastrously installed.

Cost-effectiveness must also be considered in a floor transitioning especially in open floor plans. A unified look is sought but because of the largeness of the space, a consultation with Three Trees Flooring will also take into consideration the costs of the types of flooring sought since many planks will be involved.

Three Trees Flooring is always happy to consult with clients and offer suggestions on all the types of transitioning from one type of wood flooring to another. All it takes is a phone call, email, or by filling out the contact form on the site to have a professional at Three Trees Flooring assist each caller with making the correct choices.

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In business in Toronto, ON for many years, this wood flooring provider prides itself on the quality of its flooring, genuine hardwood, engineered hardwood, parquet and plywood.  Misconceptions abound about how to transition between two different hardwood flooring and the company has guidance and a gallery and blog that addresses the questions clients have. There is a phone, email, and contact form for easy contact.

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