TRIM KAMP, a Novel by AE GOLD, Is This Year’s Hottest Tale of Skateboarding

TRIM KAMP, a Novel by AE GOLD, Is This Year’s Hottest Tale of Skateboarding

The literary arts are filled with different variations and the craft of journalism is no different. Among the most unconventional styles of journalism is gonzo journalism, which follows a unique process that focuses on the author as its protagonist and reporting from a first-person perspective, giving readers a glimpse into the story through their experience. Ari Evan Gold, known professionally as AE Gold, is among the professionals who have made a name for themselves by utilizing gonzo journalism in their work. However, he has taken his career to the next level with his ground-breaking novel, TRIM KAMP.

AE Gold has established his professional career as a true gonzo journalist whose knowledge can be traced back to the beat school of narrative expression based on actual lived experiences. Throughout his career, AE Gold has accumulated 20 years of experience in writing. He has  published insightful columns and feature articles across multiple platforms, such as Snowboarder Magazine, Transworld Skateboarding, Transworld Snowboarding, Transworld Business, S.G. Magazine, Concussion Magazine, The Tahoe World, Lemonade Magazine, and many more.

As a storyteller, Gold uses verbiage which is expounded with skate and surf vernacular that not only gets his readers laughing, but also educates them as well. AE Gold attributes his writing style to the likes of Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac, Alan Ginsberg, and the whole beat generation of writers who have paved the road of gonzo storytelling.

“Ernest Hemingway was a heavy influence in keeping the language simple and to continually edit your manuscript to perfection,” he revealed. “The ability to take a lived story and create a shared adventure- is the fuel that keeps my fire sustained.”

The book’s premise introduces the readers to a group of professional skateboarders who take a gonzo dive into the California weed world, taking them on a whirlwind of adventures. Among their endeavors is a pool skating orgy and a kung fu challenge, to name a few. “Even the super trooper escapade couldn’t dampen the stoke of playing a poker tournament on acid,” shared author AE Gold.

TRIM KAMP is a modern take on the current drug culture of California and brings readers on a deep dive into the motivations, situations, and people that inhabit the weed scene. This wild experience has been dubbed as “an anthem for a new generation,” and is destined for the big screen.

You can get AE Gold’s TRIM KAMP through: Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and others.

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