Discusses Tips for Using an Orbital Sander Discusses Tips for Using an Orbital Sander

Orbital sanders are one of the most user-friendly tools available, but learning some tips makes the process of using one of these gadgets easier. With this guide, individuals will learn how to use an orbital sander effectively. Those who are new to sanding can click here to find out more

What Is an Orbital Sander?

Orbital sanders are handheld power tools that can be cordless or wired. This type of tool sands in an orbital pattern, making quick work of all types of wood sanding projects. Orbital sanders, according to, are fairly easy to use with some straightforward instructions. 

Tips for Using an Orbital Sander

Although using an orbital sander is not overly difficult, there are some tips that will help individuals get the smoothest results. The following tips should make using this type of sander more productive. 

Go Slow

One of the first things a person needs to do when using an orbital sander is to go slow. When using The Best Drywall Sanders of 2021, individuals need to make sure they make slow movements. Rushing the process of sanding could lead to lackluster results. Moving slowly helps to ensure the sanded marks are randomized and do not create an odd pattern. 

Use Light Pressure

A big mistake people make when using an orbital sander is they put too much pressure on the tool. Companies like Plastic Materials make strong sander pads, so light pressure is all that is necessary. With light pressure, minute amounts of wood will be removed with each swipe. 

Put the Sander Down on the Project Before Turning It On

Another mistake people make is turning on the sander and then placing it on their work surface. Turning the sander on first often causes deep scratches that can mar a wood project. By turning the sander on after it is on the wood, users will be able to control the tool much more effectively. 

Make Sure to Overlap the Passes

When using an orbital sander, it is important to slightly overlap each pass so there are no lines of demarcation. Passing over the area in multiple directions will help to keep the project smooth and beautiful. 

Hold the Sander Correctly

Holding the sander correctly is essential for the best results. When people are new to using an orbital sander, they will often grab it closer to the top. Holding the sander in this way does not allow for a strong grip and can cause the tool to get out of control. 

Try These Tips for Improved Sanding

Although orbital sanders are one of the easiest types to use, there is a bit of a learning curve when using one for the first time. By using the tips above, individuals will find orbital sanders to be highly useful for sanding a variety of projects. 

These lightweight sanders are perfect for home projects, including sanding decks, flooring, and furniture. By using slow and low-pressure swipes, individuals will find their finished projects are smooth and ready to be stained or painted. Now is an ideal time to choose the perfect sander.

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