Nonfinite Exchange Is The 1st Hidden Crypto Exchange Built To Serve The New Adopters Of The Web 3 Internet World

The Web 3.0 crypto exchange is regarded as the fastest and most powerful hybrid exchange ever, as it allows users to seamlessly buy and sell cryptocurrencies with low trading fees, as well as the ability to leverage across positions from multiple markets in a single account

January 28th, 2022 – Nonfinite Exchange has been regarded as the first hidden cryptocurrency exchange that can be accessed under https://01.oo. It was built to serve the new adopters of the web 3 internet world. It can only be accessed via, and will not function without a proper DNS gateway config. It can also not be accessed via regular browsers.

The amazing web 3.0 crypto exchange proudly bears the title of being the fastest and most powerful hybrid exchange ever. It allows users to seamlessly buy and sell cryptocurrencies, without having to pay high trading fees or wait for days before withdrawing their coins.

The introduction of web 2.0 saw the creation of several billionaires including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and Twitter’s Jack Patrick Dorsey. Investors were able to make significant profits through equity investment in these companies that leveraged the technology to make the internet more fun and useful.

However, unlike the current reality of the web 2.0 internet where data is mostly stored in centralized repositories, web 3.0 proposes to interconnect data in a decentralized way that would make the internet more intelligent and also process information – with near-human-like intelligence, through the power of the AI systems.

According to Tim Berners-Lee, the Semantic Web is meant to “automatically” interface with systems, people, and home devices. Such seamless interconnectivity will see humans and machines engage in the content creation and decision-making processes that would enable the intelligent distribution of highly-tailored content straight to every internet consumer.

For investors who missed the web 2.0 takeoff, Web 3.0 presents a unique opportunity for them to be at the forefront of the next stage of the internet evolution. While a lot of companies currently running their businesses on the web 3.0 model are mostly private start-ups developing financial and social media platforms, as well as internet games, several publicly listed companies have blockchain technology-related businesses, which can give investors exposure to Web 3.0.

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