Studio View – An app of opportunity for all musicians of the country looking for a studio

Studio View - An app of opportunity for all musicians of the country looking for a studio

“Studio View – An app that will allow musicians to book studio time anywhere in the country directly from their phones.”
The app has several features allowing users from all over the country to locate and book studios around them with the click of a button.

Studio View is an app of golden opportunity for every musician who has an obsession and passion for music. The app helps the user locate the studios near them and brings the advantage of booking the studios online with just a single click. The musicians can easily book their studio time through the app saving, a great amount of time. Rather than being available to a specific number of people, Studio View is for all musicians of all genres. The app is location-based and can be helpful for the user anywhere around the country within a 23-mile radius. Regardless of where the person is in LA, the app easily connects the users to studio bookings. Cutty, the CEO of Studio View, works on this unique app with partners Durell Westbrook aka Dirty O and Kevin Jones, of Willingboro NJ. This app is made possible by their combined efforts to make it more user-friendly and distinguishable from other apps. 

The app brings some major benefits for the studio owners and all the artists including, Indie artists, Major label artists, etc. Cutty TV LLC brings this app with a huge number of benefits for their users, where the studio owners can list their studios for free. This will help the studio owner get a booking from their client without any hustle. Furthermore, the owners can receive their payments before the session without having to chase the clients or worry about payment delays. Studio owners do not need to worry about the scheduling of concerts when they use the app since certain features handle the chores.

Apart from being advantageous to studio owners, the app also brings many benefits for artists. The app offers monthly free studio time for artists as part of the premium membership. Membership further brings many interesting, beneficial, and exclusive deals for the members. Moreover, the artists get the option to register themselves as free or paid members. The app doesn’t force users to pay any cost or amount for registration. Also, the app provides users with more peace of mind since they do not have to run from one place to another to book studio times. The Studio View app is available for both IOS and Android phones and can be downloaded on any version.

Using the Studio View app will help the users to increase clientele and have the assurance to receive their full payments on time. The app is also offering free access to all those artists who are making early registrations and downloads of the app. Furthermore, users have to pay absolutely nothing while signing up for the app. Currently, over 100 people have signed up for the Studio View app and the app is getting a lot of recognition and fan following because of the unique idea and purpose behind it.

To get early and free access to the app, kindly click on the link and sign up to enjoy the wide number of benefits through this app

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