Heath Hyde Serves as A Leading Federal Healthcare Fraud Defense Lawyer in the US

Federal Defense Lawyer Helps Healthcare Practitioners And Businesses Against Fraud Cases With An Unprecedented 90% Success Rate.

Heath Hyde is a Texas-based federal criminal defense law firm specializing in healthcare fraud cases. Led by its principal and founder, Attorney Heath Hyde, the firm is among the most top-rated in the state and in the US.

In over 350 state and federal jury trials, Hyde holds an impressive 90% success rate. This unprecedented record has earned him a spot in the prestigious Top 100 trial lawyers in the United States list.

The former Assistant District Attorney is well-respected within the law profession network as well, receiving highest possible ratings in the Martindale-Hubbell peer reviews and a Super Lawyer ranking in the esteemed Thomson–Reuters service rating.

Hyde’s reputation is also recognized among the local community, having been named a “Rising Star” by Dallas D Magazine in 2009-2010.

These remarkable credentials put Heath Hyde among the highest-achieving attorneys and is regarded by many as the most trustworthy healthcare fraud defense lawyer in the country.

Heath is joined by a team of seasoned legal professionals including paralegals, investigators, and forensic experts. Together, the firm serves as the go-to criminal defense litigation firm for both individuals and corporations who are being investigated or accused of healthcare fraud.

“Our defense Lawyers have over 50 years of experience defending healthcare practitioners, earning high-profile trial acquittals and dismissals in complicated healthcare fraud cases. We also have sophisticated knowledge in the field of healthcare compliance,” said the team at Heath Hyde.

The firm’s profound expertise in the healthcare law niche is a key factor to its stand-out track record. “We not ‘generalists’, explains Hyde. “The practice of law, like medicine, is a tremendously broad field and it requires advanced specialization in certain areas in order to become successful. That is why we have committed completely to the fight against healthcare fraud.”

Hyde’s non-generalist description unquestionably fits the composition of the firm. The majority of his associate attorneys hold advanced degrees in healthcare law and are ex-healthcare fraud prosecutors. Additionally, the firm employs a licensed healthcare fraud investigator, a medical billing consultant, and a vast network of medical professionals, statisticians, healthcare fraud investigators.

This deep arsenal of legal healthcare knowledge is paired with cutting-edge tech as the firm also utilizes AI-enhanced investigative techniques.

Heath Hyde offers its services to clients in over one hundred counties in Dallas area, throughout the State of Texas, and in Federal Court across the United States.

More information about Heath Hyde Law Firm is found at https://HeathHydeLawyer.com

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