Hypnotherapy Doesn’t Work For Meth Addicts

February 7, 2022 – BrainChanger.com® is no longer accepting methamphetamine addicts for hypnotherapy. These poor souls have damaged their brains until the rapid therapy of hypnosis is too difficult for them to process.

Kansas City hypnotherapist Kenneth W. Plumb, PhD, 1987 creator of BrainChanger Therapytm, says meth addicts need not apply. The success of hypnotherapy is limited by brain damage.

He agrees with New York substance abuse specialist Dr. Edward Ratush, who says: “Crystal meth can put almost golf ball-sized holes in someone’s brain. Their ability to experience happiness is also affected because different parts of the brain are interdependent . . . The long-term meth user experiences traumatic brain injuries as a result of longtime toxin ingestion.” Can this brain damage be reversed? Ratush says probably not. “Certain problems are not repairable… I suppose it’s theoretically possible, but I’m not sure what the exercises for that would be.”

Long-term cognitive therapy, which attempts to retrain an addict’s thinking and behavioral patterns over several months, might help. But hypnosis, one of the “quick therapies,” is not recommended. Cognitive therapy is a long, hard process. During the procedure patients intellectually decide on a healthier course of action. If they don’t feel like it, they do it anyway. The therapist hopes patients will eventually find enjoyment in just performing the activities.

Dr. Plumb says hypnosis is too fast-moving for the meth brain. Hypnotherapy is a tool that can be used to rewire the brain quickly, the main tenet of BrainChanger Therapytm. He says: “The brain is a muscle, too. Even by simply imagining better habits, brain circuits are immediately stimulated to grow in proficiency. The problem with brain-damaged individuals is that they have a limited ability to create new brain networks. Meth addicts need not apply.”

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