NFT artists and gaming studios are excited for Web 3 and have good reason to be

WEB 3 or WEB 3.0 as some would call it can fix big data and content issues we have been seeing come to light these past couple of decades. The main problem from WEB 1 and WEB 2 applications is the very small number of big tech companies that hold CONTROL of almost all of the data and content that’s produced and sometimes without owners’ consent.

What sucks about WEB 2.0

In web2, You have little to no control over your data or how it is stored. In fact, companies often track and save user data WITHOUT their users’ consent. All of this data is then owned and controlled by the companies in charge of these platforms. Unfortunately, web 2.0 was based on monetization of this data as companies found tremendous profits for shareholders in this structure. And without concern or precaution outside of what the bottom line looks like.

Another general concern is for users who live in countries where they have to worry about the negative consequences of free speech. I am not sure if big tech considers this. 

Governments will often shut down servers or seize bank accounts if they believe a person is voicing an opinion that goes against their propaganda. With centralized servers, it is easy for governments to intervene, control, or shut down applications as they see fit.  

What we have been seeing lately is artists, devs, musicians, bloggers, taking back ownership of content through blockchain technologies. It is connecting the consumer directly and opening up a whole array of other ideas and collaboration. 

For new blockchain games like, they love the fact blockchain technology  is easier for them to locate, hire, and collaborate with AAA artists without dealing with a middleman or company that does not have the artists best interests in mind. Alex – CEO of the mmorpg survival game states “I am happy for artists and musicians who use these platforms and I feel more and more will find a way to the blockchain. As a game dev, we work with many artists. Some we pulled onto our team and some we found through blockchain. No better way to build each other and now is the time”. 

The blockchain will add a lot of transparency, connections, and good vibes over all to a WEB 3. In our opinion it is long overdue and we look forward to what this means for 2022 and beyond.

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