INSANE Play to Earn Profit on The Top Pick in blockchain gaming category for 2022

Play to earn gaming profit strategies can differ and be extremely detailed as a lot of math, strategy, and unique gameplay comes into the spotlight via the game you choose.

Unlike in regular games we are all very used to, where in-game items are held on walled-off data networks and owned by the companies that created the game, NFTs enable players to own the unique assets that they purchase or win in game. Once you own the NFT, you can sell it outside of the platform where it was created, something that’s not possible with regular games. Ownership of an asset… done right…

Our Play to Earn Spotlight is going to Path of Survival 


Official website:

The developers of path of survival are building out a next-gen, free-to-play MMORPG. The game has already been in development for a couple months now, and it will be coming to PC and mobile, featuring a player-driven economy and loads of ways to earn and be rewarded.

Every contestant has an equal chance to farm the native in-game Survival Coins (SRV) from Path of Survival and win NFT’s and other treats on whichever path they choose. 

The coins can be earned by –

a) Winning a mission while defeating the creatures based on each level.

b) Whenever a player’s experience increases or an in-game achievement is unlocked.

c) Putting owned coins in a liquidity pool or staking them. DAO is also an option with them, opening up opportunities for ownership of the in game marketplace and having normal players like you propose decisions for games future movements and improvements

d) Players can also earn SRV from additional in-game activities such as upgrading their characters and weapons etc. Further earning opportunities will also be introduced as the game keeps progressing with time.

Talking with the devs they have a large focus on rewarding guilds and clans as well. They touched on the metaverse phase of the game launching later in 2022 and to say the least. DONT MISS IT.  I have a feeling that being a clan leader will be a HUGE benefit but not necessary as they are working weekly rewards as well for clan owners, tournament style game play, and effective land build outs that will bring all us insane profit. 

Official Website: path of survival

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