Blockchain Entrepreneur Micky Irons Oversees 8 Successful Projects

Micky Irons has made a name for himself as a thought leader in the blockchain space

LONDON – February 8, 2022 – There are many influential blockchain entrepreneurs at the moment, but Micky Irons stands out as a particularly successful blockchain thought leader. Having overseen the success of eight blockchain projects and raised over $25 million in seed and private funding in 2021 alone, he has made quite a name for himself.


Micky Irons has become a highly sought-after crypto marketing expert, with blockchain developers everywhere flocking to him to guide their projects to success. In particular, Micky has amassed extensive experience in both Chief Marketing Officer and advisory roles.

Over his time in the blockchain space, Micky Irons has worked on projects of all types. These include NFT collections, DeFi protocols, application layers and metaverse and gaming titles. More specifically, he has served as CMO at Despace Protocol, a two-layer blockchain solution that is interoperable and aggregates across chains to unify DeFi and NFT protocol. At DeSpace Protocol, he led the successful launch of the project as the only member of the marketing team.

Among Micky’s current projects is SportsIcon – a platform of NFTs that commemorate the careers of sports icons across history. At SportsIcon, Micky serves as CMO, a role that involves collaborating with famous athletes such as Floyd Mayweather, Romelu Lukaku and Mike Vick to create these cinematic NFTs.

Micky Irons is also co-founder of an upcoming project known as Collector Crypt. This project is designed help people to store their items in a secure vault in return for a digital asset known as a pNFT (physical non-fungible token). pNFT holders will then be able to trade their pNFT within Collector Crypt as well as on various other NFT marketplaces from the comfort of their couches. Tradable collectible items will include pokemon cards, baseball cards and rare stamps. In the future, the team at Collector Crypt will incorporate wine, cars and any other recognized collectible into the platform.

In addition to his roles in these projects, entrepreneur Micky Irons has been a big part of marketing projects like Gamerse, Hololoot and Metastrike.

Micky Iron has built a wide network in the blockchain space, including connections with major Tier 1 centralized exchanges (including OKEx, Kucoin and Binance). He also has ties to a wide network of VC contacts, and some of the most respected names in the crypto advisory realm. Additionally, he’s developed strong working relationships with media outlets and KOLs in the blockchain space. Thanks to these valuable connections, Micky Irons is an asset to any project whose developers give him a seat at the table.

About Micky Irons

Micky Irons is a crypto marketing expert and entrepreneur who currently works as Chief Marketing Officer for DeSpace Protocol and SportsIcon. He has also been responsible for the successful launch of eight Blockchain businesses in the last one year. Additionally, he has experience as a CE&I Commissioning Engineer for multiple companies. 

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