simply. Launches a Nutrition App to Help People Get Healthy

simply. teaches the basics of nutrition to people while giving back to kids’ nutrition programs.

simply., a subscription mobile nutrition app, launches to bring the focus back to nutrition and teach people how to live healthier lives. For a minimal monthly subscription fee, the app sends daily health and nutrition tips designed to bring positive benefits to anyone, no matter their fitness level and health goals. To support the health of the future generation, simply. donates a portion of all subscription fees to children’s nutrition programs across the globe. The app is available for download at Google Play and Apple App Store.

Nowadays, the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices is often overshadowed by diet and weight loss fads. These methods, however, are often restrictive and create a poor relationship with food and nutrition. The effects are also temporary and impossible to maintain in the long run. Restrictive diets make it harder for many individuals to achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

simply. makes things easier by offering accessible and sustainable health and nutrition advice straight to an individual’s mobile device. Each piece of information from the app is carefully constructed to bring positive results without limiting or cutting off particular food groups. These tips are personally created by certified nutritionists boasting extensive experience and expertise in their profession.

Courtney Scioli, a certified nutritionist, holistic health coach, and the founder of simply., takes the helm in helping individuals live better and healthier lives. She leverages over a decade of information and practical experiences to bring invaluable knowledge easily applied to everyday life.

She emphasizes the importance of the basics, thus equipping subscribers with a solid foundation in starting their health and nutrition journey. Subscribers can choose the time they want to receive their health tips, save the tips for future reference, and apply what they learned to change their lives for the better.

Since its launch, simply. has received multiple positive reviews across platforms from people whose lives have been radically transformed.

“I feel like simply has actually helped me become a healthier person. I am much more conscious about what I eat and take into consideration what foods can do for me now. Highly recommend simply to anyone wanting to be a healthier person!” – Keith S.

“One of the best ways to improve your health is to keep it at the front of your mind. This app is helping me do that. I have the daily notifications set to a time when I have a moment to stop and think. This app is one of my favorites.” – Trey L.

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