SolSun Touted As America’s Top Leading Solar Installers

SolSun Touted As America's Top Leading Solar Installers
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company takes pride in the uniquely crafted system it developed that allows it efficiently deliver premium service to customers to ensure a seamless transition to renewable energy

February 8, 2022 – SolSun is largely becoming popular in the United States as the country’s top leading professional solar installers. The brand which has its headquarters situated in Los Angeles, California, has successfully built an operational network that spans multiple states including Texas, Florida, Nevada, Arizona.

SolSun insists that it is completely dedicated to helping homeowners save money on electricity while saving the planet. By helping them transition to a more renewable energy source, they spend less on power and reduce their carbon footprint simultaneously. Formed by professionals in the solar industry who got fed up with the way big corporations were taking advantage of customers as well as their employees, the brand was developed to offer customers a premium installation service without the premium price tag. 

SolSun is changing the way homeowners buy and install solar panels. SolSun is directly connecting homeowners to subcontractor pricing, cutting out the expensive fees and commissions that come with other competing solar companies, and saving homeowners thousands of dollars.”

The company believes that transitioning to solar is the best strategy for reducing energy costs. It offers zero-down financing options that reduce the electricity expenditures of customers by more than half. In addition, SolSun insists that despite its incredibly comfortable pricing, it still fulfills its responsibility to its employees by ensuring that their pay is fair and appropriate.

“We designed our business model and price points so that the customers see the most savings, while our employees can earn their fair wages.”

Aside from being experienced engineers, the humans at SolSun all care deeply about the environment and envision a future where the world is completely run on renewable energy. SolSun maintains highly trained consultants on its team that advises people on the various steps they could take to cut back on their carbon emissions regardless of whether they’re going solar or not.

Anyone interested in transitioning into the use of solar energy, as well as those simply searching for innovative steps they could take to reduce their carbon footprint, can simply visit the company’s website to get a free quote.

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