XUSD Blockchain Holdings LLC announces new roadmap

Indianapolis, Indiana – Feb 9, 2022 – XUSD Blockchain Holdings LLC has released a new roadmap for its family of tokens and corporate infrastructure. This announcement comes after the consultation with their auditors and Advisory Board about how better to position the company in this current Crypto Marketplace, increase credibility, and better meet the requirements of regulations, global banks, hedge funds, and other financial institutions. 

The XUSD Board is committed to taking the necessary and timely actions to ensure that the company is better positioned for the current and future crypto market opportunities. We believe that it is important to address these issues head-on and be proactive in our approach to ensure the company’s structure and the coin is strong and sustainable. As always, our goal is to provide our shareholders with transparency while maintaining full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 

To provide the best possible service to our clients while ensuring regulatory compliance, XUSD Blockchain Holdings LLC will be making several changes to its operations and corporate structure. For example, we’re making immediate changes to our KYC/AML process, adding highly qualified new team members, and increasing transparency with all coin holders as part of a larger effort to serve our clients better. In addition, we have also begun implementing the following changes:

  • To better align with Patent requirements and to comply with upcoming regulatory changes, XUSDP needs to be updated and re-issued.

  • At a predetermined time, XUSD Blockchain Holdings LLC will re-issue their coin, XUSDP. The aim is to upgrade the coin’s codebase so that it better supports institutional adoption. For additional information, see the company’s upcoming white paper. All XUSDP holders should carefully read it and take all necessary precautions before the re-issue date. The actual date is yet to be determined.

  • Since the $783.44 per coin ICO in March 2021, XUSD Blockchain Holdings LLC has completed several asset evaluations and acquired assets that have significantly increased the XUSDP currency’s underlying worth. Ongoing Asset reviews are indicating the value of the underlying assets is significantly higher than the current ICO pricing value. We expect to update the ICO price once the full Asset Review has been completed.

  • XUSD Blockchain Holdings LLC has announced its new business strategy, which will focus on institutional investors and accredited parties. The company stated that this is due to regulatory concerns and that it wants to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In a statement, the company said, “The market for non-accredited investors is under heavy scrutiny by regulators, making it difficult for companies like ours.”  With its new direction, XUSD hopes to be able to “focus our resources where we can best help grow the economy.”

Our goal at XUSD is to become the world’s top currency, and we believe that by implementing these modifications, we will be in a strong position to achieve that goal. Additionally, the XUSD Blockchain Holdings LLC team wants to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the support and patience of XUSDG/XUSDP coin holders, investors, and everyone else who wants to follow the XUSDP / XUSDG development. As we have over the last year, we continue to work tirelessly on this project, seeking to provide a more stable alternative to fiat currencies that will have a lower volatility than Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. As developments occur in the coming weeks and months, we are excited to share them with you. 

About XUSD Blockchain Holdings, LLC 

The XUSD Family of Coins are specifically designed as a new financial system equivalent, one based upon abundance and true equity – not made-up fiat paper. XUSD Blockchain Holdings believes that humanity has been enslaved by the old financial system for far too long and we need a governmentally independent platform to securely transact and convey property commercially in real time. By utilizing blockchain technologies and the simple premise of “Peer to Peer” architecture, XUSD Blockchain Holdings and its partners have developed a true financial ecosystem using blockchain technologies to enforce equity, transparency, and fair trade.

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