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In daily life, everyone knows what types of sofas are. But there are certain types and uses of metal sofa legs. people shouldn’t understand it! Today, the manufacturer of metal sofa legs in China will introduce to you.

Introduction to the types and uses of metal sofa legs:

L-shaped metal sofa feetIt is produced by die-casting, stamping, welding and other processes. Various metal sofa legs are mainly used in fabric sofas and leather sofas.

Sofa Straight Feet and Middle FeetThe appearance is exquisite and smooth, and the typical metal sofa legs are mainly used in low sofas and many antique sofas.

Horizontal tube metal sofa leg 

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Uses high polishing and polishing, the product looks relatively high and compelling. This kind of metal sofa legs are generally used in leather sofas, modern styles, low-profile fabric sofas, etc.

Sofa foot cone tube

The use of high-quality stainless steel materials for processing and production has the characteristics of durability and stability. This kind of metal sofa is generally used on modern sofas with high legs or simple fabric sofas.

Three-pronged sofa

Three-pronged sofa is more practical in daily life, mainly suitable for some modern fabrics or leather sofas. It has the principle of triangular stability, so it is very stable in terms of stability.

Sofa bent feet

Compared with the three-pronged legs of the sofa, the curved legs of the sofa have a more sense of design. The appearance is simple and tall, giving people a unique feeling. They are mainly used on some simple and individual sofas.

Precautions: When buying metal sofa legs, remember to choose the characteristics of the sofa itself.

The above is an introduction to the types and uses of metal sofa legs. If people want to know more about metal furniture legs, visit “furniturelegssupplier.com”. We are the metal furniture legs supplier from China-Geran, contact us now!

How to install the sofa leg?

Missing sofa legs or sofa legs that often fall off may cause the sofa to skew or shake. how to install? Please follow the Gland Sofa Leg Factory to understand:

Not all sofa legs look the same, and they are attached differently.

The hanger bolts of some sofa legs can be screwed into T-nuts installed on the sofa. Others use wood screws to fix the top plate on the sofa. There are also some screw-fixed sofa legs, which are directly fixed on the sofa frame with wood screws. people can fix your feet to the sofa regardless of how they were originally fixed.


1. Turn the sofa over and check the bottom of the sofa frame. Determine how your sofa legs are secured.

2. If the top plate or T-nut is installed on the wooden frame, screw the sofa legs to the bottom of the sofa.

3. If the nut is missing, please replace the T-nut or top plate.

Install a new T-nut or top plate1. When buying a new T-nut, please take the sofa leg to the hardware store or home decoration center to ensure that the hanger bolt fits the T-nut.

If the top plate is missing, purchase a bottom plate that fits the hook bolts on the bottom of your sofa frame and the legs of the sofa.

The nut of the top plate is permanently installed in the center of the plate, thus providing people with a place to fix the legs with a suspension pin.

2. Lean the T-nut on the sofa frame with the metal nails facing the frame. Make sure that the new T-nut is aligned with the original hole on the sofa frame. Use a hammer to knock the T-nut into the frame.

If your sofa originally had these screws, use wood screws to fix the new top plate to the sofa frame.

3. Screw the hanger screws of the sofa legs into the new T-nut or top plate.

Replace the bolt

1. If it cannot be fixed on the sofa leg or is lost, please install new hanger bolts. This requires people to use slightly larger hanger bolts to screw into the original sofa legs, and install a top plate or T-nut that fits the new hanger bolts.

2. Screw an ordinary hexagon head nut to the side of the hanger bolt used to screw in the T-bolt or the top plate. Tighten the nut onto the bolt. When screwing the nut into the sofa leg, the nut protects the thread on the bolt.

3. Insert the pointed end of the hanger bolt into the original hole of the sofa leg. Install the adjustable wrench on the hex head nut that people previously installed on the hanger bolt. Screw the hanger bolt into the sofa leg until the nut is flush with the sofa leg.

4. Remove the hexagon head nuts from the hanger bolts. Screw the new hanger screw of the sofa leg into the new T-nut or top plate.

Fix the legs with wood screws

1. Align the screw holes on the sofa feet with the screw holes on the sofa frame.

2. Pass the original wood screws through the feet. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws in the sofa frame to secure the legs in place. 

Metal sofa legs modern

3. If it is no longer fixed on the sofa because the original frame hole has been stripped off, please replace it with the original wood screws. Use a slightly longer and thicker wood screw so that when people screw the screw into the sofa, the screw can grab the undamaged side of the original hole in the frame.

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