Sue Rogers Releases New Book on February 10th, 2022, ‘Flowers, Faith, Finding Your Way…and Other F Words’

New York, NY, USA – February 9, 2022 – Entrepreneur Sue Rogers has compiled her best wisdom to learn from and either begin, continue, or restart your own journey of discovery where you have been tested and strengthened in her first book, ‘Flowers, Faith, Finding Your Way…and Other F Words’. Rogers fans say “Sue has that “it factor” because it was forged in the heat of the incredible moments she has lived through and grown from. Her book is being released in an exciting virtual celebration on February 10, 2022.

Rogers has pulled together her best wisdom for you to apply to your own journey of discovery to find your own amazing moments where you, too, have been tested and strengthened. Rogers encourages her readers to pay attention to the moments that you may have overlooked or taken for granted, moments that define your own version of excellence.

“The book you hold in your hands is a gift; one that when you read the message and apply the lessons will serve as a guide to help you better appreciate the badass inside you-your true essence-and to live more intentionally, authentically, and aligned with who you truly were born to be,” said JT DeBolt, highly successful entrepreneur, top-ranked podcast host, and speaker who leads the #100to0 movement – men and women of integrity and intensity who want to win big at business and life.

Sue Rogers is the owner and CEO of The Balance Day Life. A Balance Day Life helps improve, enhance, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Healthy living should have no expiration date or force you to miss out on what you enjoy because you are “dieting.” Health is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Most people struggle with sustaining the proper nutrition balance. The Balance Day Life can help!

The Balance Day Life consists of different programs to help everyone. Living a life of balance, mind, body, and soul is the true key to life. A balanced life is not just eating right and exercising. There is so much more. “At Balance Day Life, we have learned how to find our best balance through trial and error,” said Sue. “Each individual person will have their own best balance. What works for one person may not work for another. A plan that works today may not work tomorrow. Balancing it all can seem overwhelming at first, but with trial and error, it can be done.”

“Along with nutrition and exercise, overall well-being includes mental health and financial health. Encompassing all areas of life allows the real possibility of fine-tuning each area to come together cohesively and potentially unlock blocked areas of your life,” added Sue.

Take the easy quiz on Sue’s website to see which is right for you at or read more about the Gut Health Reset, 7 Day Reset, and Gut Health Coaching programs.

About Sue Rogers

Sue Rogers is an Author, Speaker, and Mentor specializing in Wellness. Her life experience, plus 20 years in the Wellness Industry, gives her the edge on helping people transform their lives in mind, body, and soul. Learn more about Sue and her company at

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