Wild Child of the Monsoons – New Book Of Poetry From Ann Zachariah M.D.

Wild Child of the Monsoons - New Book Of Poetry From Ann Zachariah M.D.

“Wild Child of the Monsoons by Ann Zachariah M.D.”
Ann Zachariah M.D. is pleased to announce the release of her new poetry book, Wild Child of the Monsoons. A collection of lyrical poetry that savours the myriad of emotions that life gifts us.

Reviewers are calling Wild Child of the Monsoons “mesmerizing, brilliant, emotionally intelligent, delightful”

Wild Child of the Monsoons sprinkles water on core emotions that will make the reader realize who they truly are. The author will take readers on a hope filled nostalgic journey on a canoe of vibrant emotions to help them connect with their true self. It is a raw poetic record of pain, love, loss, grief and gratitude that will ultimately lead one to their higher self and self-love. It will help one to look within and own all the beautiful and painful emotions with an inner sense of knowing that one is not alone in this journey. It will elevate one to that sacred space within oneself where you know that you are loved and your divine self is always celebrated.

Are you ready to start your journey today? A word from the Author:

“I was a lass about age six when I started writing the songs of my soul with a semi-sharpened pencil without an eraser. I found torn papers discarded from perfect two-lined books to pen my thoughts. Not grasping how my ideas aligned with my words, I wrote verses and songs sitting on a narrow wooden bridge over the stream winding the paddy fields in my ancestral home.” – Ann Zachariah M.D.

Contact Information:

Website: http://authorannzach.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wildchildofthemonsoons

Book Information:

Wild Child of the Monsoons

By Ann Zachariah M.D.

Published: December 13, 2021

ISBN: 979-8784195036


Genre: Poetry

“The author takes you through a timeless journey of a free spirit’s meanderings and musings. The physical reality of senses and emotions they create are delicately woven into a poetic verses. Many of the chapters create a sense of being there but also pauses you to reflect upon the deeper meaning of life’s journey. The wild child of the monsoons is unique, emotional and enlightening in unexpected ways.” – Reviewer

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