Where are all the women? How a promising tech startup is accidentally addressing crypto’s gender problem

It’s no secret that crypto is a man’s world. 

By design, cryptocurrencies are a means to globally democratize finance. And in many ways, crypto has evened the field, seeing investors of various ages divided much more evenly by race in comparison to the traditional world of investing. 

However, there remains a startling disparity when it comes to gender.

Only 19% of cryptocurrency investors are white women, and only 4% are Black women. (It’s worth mentioning that Black women face the highest investing barriers, though the numbers speak for themselves.)

Chirpley: the little tech start-up that could

Chirpley is the world’s first automated, peer-to-peer influencer marketplace. It’s a radically decentralized platform that’s redefining the influencer ecosystem by operating entirely in the interest of its end users: nano and micro-influencers and the brands and businesses that want to work with them.

The Web 3.0 platform enables end-to-end automated influencing campaigns through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology.

Chirpley is committed to liberating small influencers by helping them unleash their earning potential and enabling them to make a living through content creation.

So what does Chirpley have to do with the blockchain’s gender problem?

Women run the (influencer marketing) world

The influencer marketing industry is overwhelmingly female with 84% of influencers being women. 

Chirpley gives female influencers a gentle introduction to tokenomics and the opportunity to not only earn but invest in cryptocurrency. The platform will allow them to carve out their own path in a male-dominated ecosystem in a way that’s intuitive and unintimidating.

While Chirpley never set out to bridge the blockchain’s gender divide, the platform, by nature, serves as an effective way to welcome more women to the blockchain, and encourage them to stay.

The relationship between women and the world of cryptocurrency, however, is mutually beneficial. Not only do their diverse perspectives make the ecosystem richer, but female participation within it will encourage and help to bring about mass adoption.

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