Barney Bed, Australia’s favorite luxury dog bed, launches in the US

Give your dog the perfect place to sleep with these chic, stylish beds.

Barney Bed, one of Australia’s leading luxury dog bed manufacturers, forays into the US market to bring dog beds that combine comfort and functionality into one luxurious orthopedic bed. This expansion marks Barney Bed’s dedication to providing the comfort that every dog deserves. Barney Bed’s US website is set to go live this month (end of February 2022).

“I’m a huge animal lover with two dogs of my own. I searched the world for a dog bed that combined luxury, comfort, and practicality in one. I didn’t find it, so I designed my own,” says Julia Sakr, founder of Barney Bed.

What Julia wanted was a product that provides support without being stiff. It should be soft enough to bring a sigh of contentment and comfortable rest but durable enough to withstand scratches and some enthusiastic kneading.

“The Barney Bed was inspired and created for my beloved Samoyed Barney. He’s the chief tester and proud co-inventor, but he’s very humble,” says Julia.

Constructed through extensive research and testing, the Barney Bed highlights several unique features that make it the ultimate luxury bed for dogs. With three layers of high-density and durable support foams, the mattress adapts to the dog’s body and relieves pressure on the joints. The comfortable chin rests and bolsters cater to dogs’ innate sleeping behaviors, making them feel protected and safe as they snuggle to sleep. The bed’s base was also thoughtfully fitted with a non-skid feature to prevent the bed from moving or skidding.

The Barney Bed comes in five sizes to suit all breeds, from small to the Epic XXL, the world’s largest dog bed.

“While there are copycat designs in the market, our bed has unmatched quality and unique innovations, such as no assembly required.”

Another part of the Barney Bed’s charm is that it’s designed to be convenient not only for the dogs but also for the owners. That’s why there’s no need to assemble it. Once the package is opened, simply unroll the bed, and it will expand, ready to be used straight away.

In addition, the Barney Bed is easy to clean. Many dog owners often dread cleaning their dog’s beds because of the accumulation of dirt and dust. The Barney Bed has a specially manufactured lining protecting the interior from spills and dust mites. The machine washable cover is easily removable and intuitively designed to blend with any interior.

Barney Bed offers free, fast shipping on all products, anywhere in the US. With warehouses in California and Georgia Barney Bed can deliver to most of the US within 2 days.

Dog lovers in the US can look forward to Barney Bed’s official launch in the country soon. Explore the products here:

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