New pop star from Atlantic records blowing up the billboard records – Top 200 on bill board

Music plays a phenomenal role in everyone’s life, there is no single person in the world wouldn’t enjoy the essenceof music. There are different genres of music enjoyed by different societies all around the world. However, one genre that the entire world went crazy and still going crazy is pop music. A new pop sensation has hit the top 200 in the billboard, the song is called, “Struck by Lighting” by Nour.

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Looking back on how the pop songs originated during the mid-1950s in the United States and United Kingdom. Initially, Rock and Pop music were inter-related and synonymous, nevertheless the later became much more commercial and way more accessible to the world and the music admirers. Pop music is a beautiful combination of folk and fine arts music, perhaps that is the primary reason it has its appeal to audiences even now.

Like everything else in the world, music is also definitely evolving, also, some might call it even conservative. To add more, pop music has the nature to drag personal desire, empathy and drama into the mood of a listener. Nour is a musician and an amazing singer released his new song– Struck by Lighting.

Nour says he is inspired by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber since 16 Anime music. This ethereal song is produced by Skizo Beats Official and from Atlantic records. The song now officially hit the top 200 on billboard and, is one of the top hits. Given the voice of the singer and music together the success is of course inevitable. The singer has a voice that could drive people into exhilaration. It clearly catches the emotions and pull our heart strings together. Love is a driving, drenching emotion, with music like this, the current or the past life could be linked together and makes us sink in the flow of love.

This song speaks of a boy’s emotion when a beautiful girl walks past him, he doesn’t realize his world is going to change when he was just standing there clearly not waiting for the lighting attack. The lyrics written are to kill us with emotions. Everybody could connect into the feel, essence additionally the soul catching music. It drags us away from reality and set us up to a new level of dreamy world.

Each and every line was written with soulful emotions, what happens when a girl of the dreams can shake the boy’s world, how the way she looks at the boy changes his world in a jiffy is what this song is all about.  As the lyrics say, it hits us like the hurricane and there are no warning signs and the music blends right away into our brain and pulls us back to the visuals that plays in our mind. The power of music is so right in front of us. The singer has a melodic voice that blends like a sea wave with the music with an amazing lyric added as cake’s toppings.

Visit his youtube page and watch this song which surely will captures the attention of the heart and brain combined.

The comments in there are overwhelming literally, people are comparing the original music and the current one and how the singer justified it by singing it so soulfully. Experience the beauty of love through this song, especially this connects with an emotion all of us would have felt when met a girl or boy of our dreams.

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