The Best Valentine’s Day Gift – The Liene Wifi Photo Printer

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and we all know how meaningful a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift can be. The gift ideas ahead will convey that you tried this year and that your heart is in it. We highly recommend the Liene Wifi photo printer, for it can not only share wonderful memories with your beloved ones, but also it’s a gift to convey your exclusive love.

Wifi Photo Printer

The Liene Photo Printer ships with a built-in WiFi hotspot so it won’t affect the surrounding network. Due to the Wi-Fi connection, the printer provides support for incredibly connecting up to 5 devices at the same time, and there is no damage to the phone port. The Liene Photo Printer features thermal dye-sublimation technology, which deeply penetrates the paper and produces vibrant photos. The last layer protects photos from water, scratch, and fading.

Compatible with IOS, Android, and Windows

Liene encourages all users to try it out so the major operating systems, IOS and Android, could feel free to print their photos directly from the local album. Even for windows-based devices, the Liene printer could be connected via either Wi-Fi or USB. The designated driver for the USB connection has been included in the user manual.


Everyone would feel sweet when receiving this user-friendly photo printer. Unlike 10 sheets of photo paper included in most other printers’ packages, Liene has 20 sheets of complimentary photo paper, and the cartridge in the package could easily support the printing of 20 sheets of photos. Guess this amount is going to be enough before the ordered replenishment package arrives and so cost-effective.

Discount Information

The Liene Wi-Fi Photo Printer is currently available at $136.99 with exclusive discounts for a limited time. The company is offering a $20 coupon and an additional 10% savings via the coupon code – UPAUOJRC until February 14. Grab the photo printer right now at an ultimate discounted price of $103.29 and celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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