Socially Minded Bay Area Agency partners with LA-Based Social Media Aggregator

Socially Minded Bay Area Agency partners with LA-Based Social Media Aggregator
Birdzeye invests in Marble giving brands equal access to Social Media Data

Birdzeye + Marble

Plugging Influencers & Brands into the Marble-verse

Birdzeye has made an investment into social media aggregator Marble giving the world’s best brands equal access to social media data and trends all in one place.  This shows Birdzeye’s commitment to helping bridge the gap between socially disadvantaged business owners and their access to digital information and trends.

Birdzeye Founder, Trevor Norlock says that “we see this partnership as the perfect manifestation of our values and mission being exercised in a financial commitment into the next big social media movement.  We strongly believe in Marble’s ability to offer influencers and startup brands innovative technology to both evaluate and grow their social media presence.”

Marble’s Co-Founder & CEO, Robert Fair, adds “Marble is the future of your digital identity. A vision to combine all your digital properties from social channels to crypto wallets into one place. We foresee a world where our digital identity has a home making it easy to show off content, digital assets, and more – and that home is Marble.”

About Birdzeye

Birdzeye is a California consulting agency offering Woman-Owned, Black-Owned, Minority-Owned, & Earth-Friendly brands EQUAL access to retail & eCommerce. They serve as a platform bridging brands-to-retailers through robust sales, acquisition, channel marketing, and operational strategies. They offer world-class products to consumers through strategic partnerships with all levels of retail verticals from independent to mass-market.

Founder, Alex Waddell, says “We have a unique ability to identify current niches in the North American market and how connect those demands with the appropriate brands. Our clients enjoy a modern decentralized network – like Uber, the strength of our contractors’ lies in the mutual respect of their personal time and lives.”

About Marble

Marble is a LA-based startup with a mission to help content creators and brands maximize profitability across their social channels. They serve as an interactive link-in-bio enabling influencers and brands to drive more traffic and grow their audience across all their digital channels. Incredibly easy to set up, Marble allows you to connect all your content channels (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, and more) to one branded, code-less site. Marble launched in 2021 and is rapidly growing with over 5,000 creators using their supercharged link-in-bio.


For social-minded consumers and influencers who care about making the world a more equitable place, Birdzeye partners with Marble to give traditionally marginalized groups equal access to social media data and trends. To find out more about their brands and the companies mission visit their website &

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