CryptoToday is launching to bring transparency into the Crypto Space

CryptoToday enables its users to engage in moonshot projects. It checks their initial listing info, votes on their acceptance to the platform, and pays for the work. It helps keep the crypto world decentralized.

CryptoToday is a newly developed crypto platform, a community-based project and a complete DAO. It believes and works on maintaining decentralization in the crypto world. The team’s primary goal is to have an active and well-educated community governed by a fully decentralized and trustless DAO.

The investors will get to engage in moonshot projects from day one on this platform. The expert team of CryptoToday and the community will check its client’s initial listing info, vote on their acceptance to the platform, and the voters will be paid for the work. CryptoToday proposes numerous features for its users:

DAO Listing – A community-driven research platform for crypto assets. Data that is transparent and fair is shared across the community. By being a member of the community, users learn about new projects every day while at the same time helping make the crypto space safer and genuinely decentralized.

Vote 2 Earn – Gamified mechanics for voting and platform activity. A simple and efficient voting system will incentivize users to validate a project’s authenticity. Users will get rewards and weight for consecutive successful votes by voting correctly.

Fair listings – Fast and fair listings for every project regardless of their status. Dependable listing time with a transparent community reward system. Newly listed projects will have high community awareness from day 1.

Moreover, CryptoToday is a decentralized crypto asset listing and aggregating site where users have all the power. In the recent development, the fair launch is taking place on their website, and it will start on March 7th and end seven days later. Users decide what will get listed if the project provides correct information. All the fees are paid by the projects that want to get listed and are going directly to the community – as a reward and/or by burning part of it.

In other crypto listing and aggregating sites, people either pay a significant amount of money to agencies to help them get listed in a few weeks, or they sometimes wait for several months. On CryptoToday, the listing process takes up to 108 hours, and all fees paid are going to the community, as mentioned in the first answer. Also, to earn those rewards, the community has to fact-check all provided details by the project that wants to get listed, so the project also receives considerable community exposure.

Prospective clients must visit the website for further details. Join Telegram or Twitter to connect with the community.

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