Catalyst Converters Helping Achieve Profitable Ecology

The increasing number of cars produced today leads to tightening of environmental standards in the regulation of emission standards for motor vehicles. Today car exhausts are the biggest environmental problem.

In order to reduce the emission of harmful gases, modern cars are equipped with special devices — catalyst converters. 

What is their essence? 

In chemistry, catalysts are substances that accelerate chemical reactions. However, they do not participate in these reactions by themselves. A catalyst converter is a ceramic or metal device. It consists of small ceramic honeycombs, on top of which a layer of precious metals (palladium (Pd), platinum (Pt), and rhodium (Rh)) is applied. They are catalysts for the oxidation of exhaust gas products, neutralizing them at the outlet.

The service life of a catalyst converter is not unlimited and depends on a combination of many factors. It is important to replace the device with a new one in a timely manner since a faulty device can pose a danger to the environment.

Why shouldn’t throw away the old catalytic converter

It is not recommended to throw away the used car catalyst converters, because of the presence of toxins that can penetrate through the soil and pollute nature.

Recycling these kinds of devices nowadays can not only help to save the resources of industrial enterprises but also can be a way of getting profit from the sale of used equipment.

Large catalyst converter recycling companies are represented on the market today. These are enterprises engaged in the purchase and processing of expired car catalysts. Specialists of these enterprises carry out a full range of recycling activities beginning from grinding ending with obtaining bars of precious metals.

Click the link to see what the form for the delivery of a catalyst for processing looks like. 

Recycling catalysts converters is an important step for environmental safety. It allows getting secondary raw materials precious metals production helping to fight against irrational use of natural resources.

How to know that the catalyst converter is out of order and what to do with the old one? 

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