ESA’s Are Not Glorified Pets, They Tend to Genuine Mental Health Needs: My ESA Doctor

ESA’s Are Not Glorified Pets, They Tend to Genuine Mental Health Needs: My ESA Doctor

“MyESADoctor is well-renowned for their level of care by compassionate physicians and therapists”

California – 11th February, 2022 – Given the current level of legal ambiguities and ignorance running rampant in the US, it’s reasonable for some people to view emotional support animals in a negative light. It’s also fair to ignore emotional prejudice because this way people are no longer categorized as uncaring. By doing so, a lot of individuals even get away with the loopholes in the legal structure. But there’s a 100% chance of genuine people with actual mental health conditions being outcasted.     

That leaves medical health professionals with two options. Either they can side with the laws banning emotional support animals from various establishments. Or else, continue providing ESA letters to patients in California to bridge the gap. Merely because a therapist understands the importance of emotional support animals in a patient’s life. 

However, there’s a major problem with the state’s stipulation of rules and guidelines. Wherein a patient must form a clinical relationship for at least six months in order to recommend an ESA letter. 

At My ESA Doctor, “we feel, in doing so, we are not only robbing a patient’s right to acclaim certain privileges but putting the client’s mental health at risk. It’s most likely that the pet is the reason why the patient gets up from the bed in the first place,” said Dr. Fu. 

“As for sketchy and fake online services, the internet is filled with numerous websites claiming ESA registration. The idea is to identify real from fake operators all while ensuring confidential and legit health care services. Of course, certain modifications in the rules can help, but at MY ESA Doctor, we focus on providing services that are aligned with the latest federal rules,” he added. 

My ESA Doctor puts their best foot forward and aims at evaluating a patient’s condition thoroughly before recommending an ESA letter. Since 2001, My ESA Doctor has been providing emotional support animal letters to patients across the US. And we take pride in the fact that we do it correctly while helping those who have genuine mental health concerns. 

We strongly support emotional support animals – often misunderstood and mostly categorized as glorified pets. And vehemently oppose those who clearly take advantage of this privilege. Our team of doctors understands that emotional support animals are there to do a job. In contrast, regular pets will fail to notice a panic attack or comfort the owner during depressive episodes. 

My ESA Doctor also focuses on safe and confidential practices when it comes to writing an ESA letter. Because the owner is entitled to the rights established under the Fair Housing Act, our team of licensed mental health professionals ensures proper counseling and evaluation to avoid societal discrimination.

About My ESA Doctor: 

All across California, Texas, Florida, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada – My ESA Doctor provides emotional support animal-related services to patients with a qualifying mental health condition through an online platform and in-clinic visits. With the help of MY ESA Doctor, you can get a legally compliant ESA letter hassle-free.

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