SoberGyms Debuts as a Mindfulness-Based Innovator in Addiction Treatment & Recovery

SoberGyms Helps Individuals Learn How to Train Their Minds to Break Bad Habits, Let Go of Vices, and Overcome Addiction.

Created by neuroscientists in recovery themselves, SoberGyms uniquely combines professional, science-based meditation training with personal sober coaching services in order help individuals break bad habits, let go of vices, and sustainably overcome addiction.

SoberGyms provides meditation training to help individuals build the “Sober Muscle” (i.e. self-control) they need to calmly respond instead of impulsively react to the triggers and cravings associated with their addictions. In addition, Sober Coaching services is included in the membership so that struggling individuals receive personalized guidance, support, and expertise from those who have already overcome the same addiction themselves. The combination of intensive education, mindfulness training, and personal support allows SoberGyms to offer a unique solution.

Sober Gyms offers two membership options. Individuals have the choice to tackle addiction on their own schedule via “The Self-Guided Membership,” which includes access to the app and exercises and tends to be preferable when one does not want to commit to a more intensive program or is more sober curious. If more support is desired or needed, one can subscribe to the “Trainer-Guided Membership,” which is led by a personal sober coach and includes additional benefits like unlimited daily contact, weekly meetings, and consistent support.

Through the targeted training of the mind and the relevant one-on-one support of a coach, people really do have the ability to cultivate the Sober Muscle necessary to break habit loops, reprogram automatic behaviors, and ultimately unlearn addiction from the inside out.

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