unveils Esports industry growth in 2022 and trends in the Esports Ecosystem

As competitive video games continue to penetrate pop culture, several projections put the esports ecosystem on its way to exceeding $1 billion in revenue for the first time in 2022.

From becoming an underground movement to penetrating the mainstream in recent years, esports has made headway in the global scene. 

Esports, which involves regional or international video gaming events where professional and amateur players compete, was valued at about USD 1 billion last year and is poised to grow at a compound yearly rate of 23 percent until 2025. 

In a report published by Statista, the USD1 billion earning of the global esports market is a 50-percent growth from the previous year. The market revenue is forecast to rise to as much as USD 1.62 billion in the year 2024. At present, North America and Asia represent the biggest esports markets in terms of revenue.

Gianfranco Capozzi, the product owner for and Head of Esports at Catena Media, says: “The tables have turned and several brands, even in industries far away from the esports and competitive gaming landscape, have started to turn their focus on esports and its audience.”

The rise in the popularity of esports has resulted in a lot of attention from global investors, consumers, and media outlets. Insider Intelligence reports that there will be about 29.6 million monthly esports viewers in the United States this year, which is 11.5% higher than in 2021. 

The massive success of esports was buoyed by the social component of gaming and live-streaming. Twitch and YouTube Gaming, which are video gaming-specific streaming platforms, provided a direct connection between fans and the players. 

With these recent developments, Mr. Capozzi said everyone wants to be on board Esports as it hits the stratosphere. 

“As always in life, there’s a grey area between reality and perception: now that the industry has reached such a great height, everybody wants to jump on board,” Mr. Capozzi said. In fact, the global esports industry has seen a huge spike in investments from venture capitalists, and private equity firms are riding the tide as well in recent years.

Mr. Capozzi says massive acquisitions will play “a big role in helping drive investment and potentially increasing revenue opportunities.” Recently, the Savvy Gaming Group has acquired ESL from Modern Times Group (MTG) for $1.05 billion and has purchased Faceit for a reported $500 million. 

Given all this, Mr. Capozzi expressed positivity that the esports industry is headed towards unparalleled growth in the years ahead.

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