DNA Testing Sample Collection Fees Waived At IDTO Immigration DNA Testing & Paternity Testing Center

DNA Testing Sample Collection Fees Waived AtIDTO Immigration DNA Testing & Paternity Testing Center for their clients. Sample collection fees are normally added to the cost of a DNA test. This fee was removed to provide a more cost-effective DNA test.

Immigration DNA Testing Center & Paternity Testing IDTO Services | IDTO Immigration DNA Paternity Testing Center

They have extensive experience in DNA sample collection and DNA relationship testing services to the entire state of New York. Some of their top services include:

● DNA Paternity Testing

● Immigration DNA Testing

● Grandparent DNA Testing

● Avuncular DNA Testing

● Sibling DNA Testing

● Maternity DNA Testing and more

The team at IDTO Immigration DNA Paternity Testing Center knows the importance of their customers’ needs. With this, they make sure to give them only the best service for their specific situation. They offer fast turnaround times for the results within 1 to 3 business days. The company ensures that every DNA test is performed with a partner accredited DNA Parentage laboratory. They have a responsible team that implements a careful process to make sure that they meet the standards and expectations of their valued customers. Their In-office and Mobile DNA sample collections are available at no additional cost to chosen areas within the five boroughs and selected areas of New York State.

IDTO guarantees that all DNA samples are performed by experienced DNA sample collectors that have more than 18 years of experience in the business. They are ready to help their customers receive the best DNA relationship testing experience. They have a team that is ready to offer their DNA testing services that can be used for the purposes of submitting results to Passport Agencies, USCIS, US Embassies, Family Court, or for peace of mind.

IDTO Immigration DNA Paternity Testing Center Advantages

● Friendly and professional team

IDTO Immigration DNA Testing Center has a responsible organization that has extensive knowledge and skills in the DNA testing and sample collection industry. Their team treats their customers with respect and professionalism which helps to ensure their customers are more than satisfied with their process.

● More variety of DNA testing services

IDTO Immigration DNA Paternity Testing Center offers a variety of DNA relationship testing services that help people who are in need of providing proof of a biological relationship. Whether for immigration, court-admissible, or for peace of mind purposes. Their customers can find the right DNA test for their situation.

● Certified Collectors

IDTO sample collectors are certified and have over 18 years of DNA specimen collection experience. This ensures the company’s customers will receive a knowledgeable and professional sample collector that will ensure each customer remains compliant with state guidelines.

● Affordable cost of service

The company also understands that its customers always want to get top-quality service at an affordable cost. With this, their services are cost-effective for the satisfaction of their customers.

For more details about IDTO Immigration DNA Paternity Testing Center and its services, visit https://immigrationdnatestonline.com or email them at contact@immigrationdnatestonline.com. They can also be reached by phone at 347-735-5490

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