Humboldts Secret Supplies Remains a Key Top Player in the Hydroponic Nutrients Market

HS Supplies continues to provide one of the best hydroponic nutrient solutions in the market to commercial and home growers.

Hydroponics has revolutionized gardening and agriculture. Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without using soil. The practice involves growing plants in an aqueous solvent using mineral nutrient solutions. Despite its name, hydroponics actually offers the advantage of using less water to grow and produce crops and other plants. This allows farmers and gardeners to grow produce and other plants in areas where water is scarce such as in deserts and other harsh environments.

Over the decades, the practice of hydroponics is made better and easier by the nutrient solutions that feed the plants and allow them to grow healthy and yield bountiful produce. At the top of the nutrient solutions market sits Humboldts Secret Supplies (HS Supplies).

HS Supplies was founded by Yousef Benhamida. Ben, as he is known in the growing community, saw a gap in the nutrient solutions market and decided to create a solution that consolidates different additives, making it an all-in-one solution. Thus, Golden Tree was born. Golden Tree turned out to be an apt name for the solution, as trees that used it yielded more fruits than before. Since then, HS Supplies has only grown. Today, it is the top-of-mind nutrient solution in the market.

The HS Supplies collection has also expanded a lot since the launch of Golden Tree. To get farmers and gardeners started, HS Supplies has the Base A & B Bundle, a complete macronutrient profile that is compatible with all growing mediums, including hydroponics, potting soil, and coco coir.

Flower gardeners are sure to get a boost in their blooms with HS Supplies’ Flower Stacker. The formula contains vitamin B1 that is said to cure transplant shock. It also has phosphorus and potassium that increase crop yields and improve the nutrient condition of foliage. To add an extra layer of protection for flowers, HS Supplies offers the Flower Shied that protects against pests and fungus. The formula kills soft-bodied insects, mites, and eggs, and controls mildew.

To help plants grow strong, the company’s product called Tree Trunk enhances the plants’ ability to strengthen their cell walls, allowing for the growth of thicker stalks and branches.

The best part about HS Supplies products is that they are not just for hydroponic farmers and gardeners. They could also be used for other traditional or soil planting, coco coir cultivations, and aquaponics.

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About Humboldts Secret Supplies

Humboldts Secret Supplies (HS Supplies) was established by entrepreneur Yousef Benhamida after seeing the need in the nutrient additive marketplace. He wanted to make an additive that could be used as an All-In-One additive, consolidating multiple additives into one. After a lot of hard work, he developed his first additive product – Golden Tree. Since then, HS Supplies has emerged as one of the major plant nutrient manufacturers and suppliers to hydroponic/agricultural distributors in the United States.

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