Renowned Executive Life Coach Sophia Casey Awarded the ICF’s Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential

Leading authorpreneur, credentialed coach, corporate trainer, and speaker Sophia Casey receives the highest credential designation for coach practitioners awarded by the ICF.

Washington, DC – February 14, 2022 – Internationally acclaimed Executive Life Coach, Founder, and Chief Learning Officer at the International Coaching & Leadership Institute (ICLI), Sophia Casey, recently earned the prestigious designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential. Earning the MCC credential, awarded by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), puts Sophia in an elite cadre of MCC credentialed coaches, of which there are only approximately 1,500 globally.  

Sophia has been a consistent champion for high professional standards and ethics in coaching. Being named a Top Transformational Coach by USA Today, it’s no surprise to many that Sophia’s commitment to servant leadership and coaching would lead to her surpassing the rigorous requirements and journey to MCC. ICF credentialed coaches must meet several requirements including obtaining a minimum number of 2,500 coaching experience hours and 200 coach-specific training hours.  In addition, coaches who apply for a credential are assessed on their coaching standards and competence both orally and in writing by experienced, independent assessors under strict examination conditions. Sophia far exceeded the coaching and coach training hours requirements having provided executive and life coaching to thousands of leaders and accumulating hundreds of coach education hours.  

“I feel on top of the world! I love the work of executive and mentor coaching, and I believe coaching is part of my life’s purpose.  I feel very proud to reach this milestone because it echoes my commitment to upholding ICLI’s mission of coaching for everyone, everywhere.  The Master Certified Coach credential is a reminder of ICF’s gold standard of coaching and my promise to help continue strengthening the coaching industry.  I’m most excited about my now expanded coaching community and excited to lead efforts to create opportunities to increase the number of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) credentialed coaches around the world.” shared Sophia.  

She also pursued her love of mentoring coaches toward their credentials and has supported more than 600 coaches. You only need to talk to Sophia’s mentees to understand her passion for credentialing, coach training and mentor coaching. As a mentor coach, Sophia boasts a stellar success rate record of 100% – every coach she’s mentored who applied for ICF credentials, attained them.   

“Having been to Gestalt workshops, as well as ICF Global conferences, I’ve witnessed some powerful coaching moments, the kind I aspire to deliver myself.  Please know I witnessed two such exceptional coaching moments from you on Sunday. They were the kind of coaching reflection that only comes from an MCC coach.  I am certain you remember the one because I looked across the room and made eye contact with you in that moment.  I knew that was coaching greatness.  The other came near the end. Those set a superb example for me, from which I will remember going forward. “Lean back” and don’t work the situation. The powerful question that needs to be asked will come to the surface.  Those two moments were worth the price of admission. Great Job! A+++!” – Jeffrey Pollack, ACC, Coach & Facilitator 

“I’m so grateful for this time to have you as my mentor coach.  You challenged me with grace and growth.  I (and my clients) are fortunate for the coaching boost you’ve given me.  I feel like my skill and presence have grown in competency and in confidence.  I really appreciate the observation and feedback you offered that I was “processing” in the coaching session with the client.  It was helpful to think about how I was showing up, and how with a slight adjustment, I could support the client with sharing more…You are a gift!!!” – Michelle Thompson, PCC, Director, Executive Coaching & Consulting, Townsend Institute

“Our sessions together were some of the greatest teaching moments in [my] journey to become a coach.  I still have moments in my journey to become a coach.  I still have moments where I think:  What would Coach Sophia advise?” – Mee Hyang Van Den Broeck, Certified Personal & Leadership Coach 

Sophia was adamant about attaining the MCC credential because of her promise to contribute to strengthening the coaching industry through coach training.  The low level of accessibility to quality core competency, ethical standards, cultural competency, and leadership training coupled with few opportunities to experience and practice coaching found in many coach training courses, were drivers for Sophia to pursue her MCC credential and in collaboration with her business partners, Co-Founders and Executive Coaches Jessica Lightbourne and Lorene Phillips, to create the Bermuda headquartered, International Coaching & Leadership Institute.   

“From attending my first coaching training program to being a member of the leadership team for several coach training schools, it’s always been important to me to have a continual learner mindset and mentoring to maintain a high quality of coaching excellence. Thankfully, I was well-supported and reminded by family, coaches, mentors, and coaching colleagues to stay focused on my credentialing goals.” 

Being raised by educators and ministers, Sophia quickly became fascinated about learning and transformation. From humble beginnings, being raised in South Central Los Angeles, to being a major thought leader in the coaching industry and now an MCC, is testament to the power of transformational coaching, and as Sophia often says, “dwelling in possibility”. Sophia isn’t new to shattering glass ceilings and creating opportunities where most think impossible. The ontologically trained Executive Life Coach previously served as Director of First Impressions for a task force for a former Vice President of the U.S. where she empowered change agents to rise above challenges and achieve success. Over her career, Sophia has been recruited to work with thousands of international retail, health, transportation, and IT organizations to provide Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) training, executive coaching, strategic planning, and leadership development solutions. In her role as Director of Human Resources & Communications at the US Internal Revenue Service, her commitment to coaching and mentorship helped senior executives and managers attain stronger leaders, reduce team communication misalignment, and improve productivity.  

“Organizations tend to treat coaching separate from diversity and inclusion and leadership training when there is such a huge opportunity gained from marrying them together. We’re a stand for internal and external coaches to have solid training necessary for them to confidently support their individual and corporate clients,” Sophia shared.   

Another proud moment in her career was being promoted as Director of the US Patent & Trademark Office’s Training Division where she provided technical and soft skills training programs to more than 10,000 patent and trademark engineers, attorneys, and management staff, and partnered with the ICF to implement and enterprise-wide learning management system.

Sophia is also a renowned two-time bestselling author committed to women’s empowerment. Her first fiction book, “Fierce Vulnerability: A Colored Girl’s Truths, Trials, and Triumphs”, part one of a series, debuted as the #1 New Release on Amazon in the category of Dramas and Plays by Women. Her inspiring stories of hope, healing, and leadership, as well as her journey as an internationally acclaimed coach, today have been covered by major media publications like SiriusXM, Fox News, NBC, CBS, and Success magazine.  

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