Bring colors to gardens with innovative Wraxly grow bags – dependable, durable and stain resistant

Wraxly produces innovative fabric grow bags that are ideal for gardening and growing plants. These grow bags are colorful and help bring out the vibrant feeling in a garden. The grow bags by Wraxly are made with premium quality fabric to ensure their stain-resistant property.

USA – Most grow bags are dull and don’t look appealing at all. Wraxly is on a mission to change this perspective. At Wraxly, grow bags are created to be more aesthetic and to be creatively colorful. These grow bags make ideal gardening gifts for people who are into container gardening. The nonwoven fabric used in Wraxly grow bags promotes air-pruning, thus allowing plants to grow bigger, happier, and healthier.

Apart from growing plants, Wraxly grow bags can also be used to store office equipment such as stationary or other useful items. Additionally, these bags make an amazing choice to store toys, clothes, laundry, towels, books, blankets and more. This diverse usability of Wraxly grow bags is the reason why they make nice gifts for mom.

Wraxly grow bags can also be presented as fathers day gifts. Each set of Wraxly grow bags contains a 5-pack bundle in a variety of colors and comes with a bonus black grow bag. These grow bags come in 3, 5, 7, and 10 gallon sizes. All the bags are eco-friendly and are certified AZO-free.

Wraxly was founded by Darrell and Vivi Houghton when they noticed that most grow bags are dark in color. Vivi says about Wraxly grow bags: “What you see available for sale now is the result of our efforts. We’re very pleased with our two-tone fabric grow bags and love to use them ourselves. We hope you will give them a try. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with them, too!

About Wraxly:

Wraxly produced innovative grow bags that are appealing, stain-resistant, and breathable for plants. The two-tone color scheme adopted by Wraxly enhance their looks, whereas the water-proof lining ensures their practicality. Wraxly is on a mission to provide everyone with well-designed, high-quality products that organize and beautify the world, one grow bag at a time.

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