Mark Bastorous on How to Design an Ideal Custom Home

Materializing a house of someone’s dream and turning it into reality has never been so simple, thanks to Mark Bastorous and his team.


An improved, refined residence based on the refined tastes and desires of the client? Perhaps higher-end upgrades, innovative landscapes, and more elaborate designs to suit an impeccable lifestyle.

For a custom developer, Mark Bastoros, custom home construction means the opportunity to dramatically alter the residential terrain, customize imagination, and offer showcase homes with a discerning taste.

Bastorous hires cutting-edge architects to visualize and design homes. From sleek, contemporary architecture in West Hollywood; to capitalizing on unending ocean views in Pacific Palisades; to modern and unseen designs in Riverside County, Bastorous relishes the possibility to enhance neighborhoods, maximize precious land and robustly perfect the character of the areas in which he creates his masterpieces. He is unafraid to look out of the box, introduce new concepts to otherwise traditional areas around Southern California, and in fact, has garnered the unyielding support of local planning commissions.

Essentially Mark Bastorous is at the forefront of re-envisioning the character of Southern California communities.

What is in it for Bastorous to continue to take on this challenge? The satisfaction of transforming how people think about homes and providing unimaginable possibilities. “When my architect presents a home rendering based on the area, the clientele is amazed at the refinement and high quality, and an overall revolutionary approach to designs that have been around for the last 40 years. My enthusiasm is uncontainable because of the incredible transformation that will descend on the community. Not simply building a house: am creating a lifestyle enhancement that our clients did not realize they were missing until they saw our imaginative homes.”

For more information on Bastoros’ notable developments or how to get involved with unique investment opportunities with the Bastorous team, call 714-600-4227 or email at

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