Tai Dat Is The One-Stop Store Where The Biker Brothers Buy The Most Genuine Helmets in Vietnam.

Tai Dat contributes to a ‘safer Vietnam’ with quality protective gear, helmets, full-face helmets from the top brands in the world.


California – February 15th, 2022 – Tai Dat is the one-stop store Where the Biker Brothers buy the most prestigious Helmets, full face helmets, and motorcycle accessories. As one of the most important safety rule, choosing the right helmet will effectively protect one’s head in accident. Tai Dat has been one of the most throughout stores for Helmets and motorcycle accessories, such as Jackets, Gloves, Rainsuits, etc. They provide high-quality products to ensure safety and stylish.

“All members of Tai Dat are led by true passion. From technicians, engineers to designers, they always do their best to provide the most suitable products for customers. We are proud to hand over our enthusiastic ‘children’ to our customers,” explained Nguyen Huu Tai, CEO at Tai Dat, “With the hope that we can satisfy the passion for speed and meet the needs of customers, we have launched many different unique lines of full face helmet, riding gears,  Rainsuits, protective equipments, and more. that helps to be more diverse in product selection as well as intended use.”

Tai Dat constantly strives to diversify products for motorcyclists. Expanding and exploiting new products, targeting more people such as Givi Rack, cases, rainsuits… etc. With a young spirit and energy full of enthusiasm, Tai Dat wants to convey a message and raise awareness when participating in traffic for motorcyclists; always willing to advise and accompany its customers on the roads to explore all parts of the country on a two-wheeled motorbike. 


Tai Dat wants to contribute to a safer Vietnam and that’s why all its products are designed according to global standards to guarantee safe trips for bikers. Tai Dat has always been a reliable partner in Vietnam of many foreign brands in protective gear. The trademarks that they are cooperating with can be mentioned such as LS2 helmets from Spain, HJC from Korea, Komine and Taichi from Japan, Givi from Italy, KYT from Malaysia, Avex from Thailand, and also the Andes from Vietnam.

Tai Dat enjoys a long-standing and prestigious store chain with genuine products. Currently, Tai Dat is a chain of retail stores for open-face helmets, full-face helmets  in HCMC. Tai Dat has become a familiar name in the community of young people who are passionate about riding motorbikes to explore the country. For that, the company always tries to improve the quality of their services and work non-stop with their partners to bring the most suitable protective equipments to the Vietnamese market.

All their products are available on their Facebookpage, or on their website NonTaiDat.vn.

About Tai Dat 

Tai Dat is a retail brand of full-face helmets, open-face helmets, protective gear for motorcyclists, and motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City. Providing genuine, safe, and standard motorcycle protective equipment for young people who are active and passionate about roads across the country. Tai Dat wants to contribute to a ‘safer Vietnam’ with quality protective gear, helmets, full-face helmets from famous brands in the world such as HJC, LS2, KYT, YOHE, Komine, Taichi, Givi, Bulldog, Avex, Andes… Through these products, the company hopes to reduce injuries to drivers when they encounter unexpected accidents. 

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