Star Lanka Company Limited Announces Acquiring the Largest Teal Sapphire At The FURA Sapphire Auction in 2021

Star Lanka Company Limited purchased the largest teal sapphire from FURA Gems at the 2021 auction. FURA brought only a single large gemstone weighing 9.86 grams in the rough, which was purchased by Star Lanka at the auction.

FURA Gem’s teal sapphire, also referred to as parti sapphire, was the largest one brought to auction. It was also one of the most beautiful pieces on display in 2021, which led to it being acquired by Star Lanka Company Limited. Weighing an amazing 9.86 grams in the rough, it is certainly up there with some of the most prominent sapphire pieces. In the competent hands of the Star Lanka Company Limited, it means that once polished; the gemstone should look amazing. However, when exactly that happens is hard to say. 

Many experts consider the Teal Sapphire as being the next revolution in the form of multi-colored sapphire. That’s mainly down to its unique combination of vibrant green and ocean blue. Looked at in different lighting and closely observed, the mesmerizing light play makes it a highly attractive stone.  

Interestingly Teal Sapphires don’t have a very extensive history. While their unique characteristics do offer a visual feast, not much is known about the stones. However, Star Lanka Company Limited sources its Teal Sapphires from mainly Australia via FuraGems, a mining and supply company based in Australia. 

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“I think the teal sapphire is one of the best-looking gems in the world. However, not only does it look great, but it also has that everlasting vibe about it. It may not be as popular as diamonds, but it is certainly up there with some of the best gemstones. In fact, it is one of few gemstones that are seeing an increase in their popularity, especially in recent years.” Said one of the representatives for Star Lanka Company Limited. 

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Established in 1985, Star Lanka Company Limited guarantees excellent quality products sold at market prices. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of fine-quality gemstones. The gemstones are supplied to over a thousand clients across the world. Many believe that Star Lanka Company Limited sells gemstones at highly competitive prices and has the largest selection available online. At present, Star Lanka Company Limited has over 3000 unique gemstones that can be purchased online. If anything, it is one of the largest selection of gemstones. 

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