Entrepreneur-Focused Shiny Milkshake Announces Merger with The Sleepy Sloth Society’s NFT Project

Digital investment firm strategically merges to add to its portfolio of brands centered on educating, developing, and supporting entrepreneurs

Shiny Milkshake, a digital investment firm supporting Web3 and entrepreneurship, has announced its merger with The Sleepy Sloth Society, an NFT art-based project built on the Ethereum blockchain. With Sleepy Sloth Society as part of its portfolio, Shiny Milkshake is expanding its portfolio of innovative solutions and brands that empower entrepreneurs.

Founded by Mike Massa, Eric Kigathi, and Diego Vetencourt in 2021, Shiny Milkshake is a parent company headquartered in Miami, Florida. Under its umbrella, Shiny Milkshake is composed of Uplyft Capital, a business funding platform, Kanopy, an urban sneaker and clothing brand. Together, these companies are grounded in encouraging and assisting entrepreneurship, with offerings in finance, investments, technology, and personal branding.

Given the strategic merger, Shiny Milkshake has plans to invest further in The Sleepy Sloth Society’s Blockchain technology, accelerate its early stage growth, help solidify its long-term vision, and re-establish its corporate structure. The unification and addition of the brand within Shiny Milkshake’s ecosystem also come along with a message for the parent company’s existing client base. 

The Sleepy Sloth Society’s NFTs are centered around sloths, a sluggish lovable animal that is touted for taking its time. Alternatively, Shiny Milkshake’s existing brands are united by their common thread that promotes entrepreneurial culture, which is known to be fast-paced and on-the-go. 

According to Shiny Milkshake’s strategic advisor, Chris Duffey, who has a long-standing history leading Fortune 500 creative campaigns, Shiny Milkshake’s recent merger makes a statement about balance. In Chris Duffey‘s words, “The merger is more than aesthetics as we see the utility in NFTs and the promise of Web3. By combining forces, we are not only going to be able to deliver tokenized experiences using blockchain technology, but we are also showing our existing entrepreneurial clients the importance and value of slowing down when necessary.”

Shiny Milkshake will be sharing more updates as the merger unfolds.

About Shiny Milkshake

Shiny Milkshake is a digital investment firm and holding company headquartered in Miami, Florida. The company was established in 2021 by Mike Massa, Eric Kigathi, and Diego Vetencourt. Mike Massa is a serial entrepreneur who is also the founder of Uplyft Capital and Kanopy. Shiny Milkshake’s mission is to unite brands and create a digital ecosystem that enables entrepreneurs through technology and education to accomplish more.

About The Sleepy Sloth Society

The Sleepy Sloth Society is a NFT project that consists of 2,222 unique characters and over 220 unique traits that are stamped on the Ethereum blockchain. The art collection combines traditional visual art with blockchain technology to historically track the evolution of art.

The Sleepy Sloth Society is not only a visual concept with unique pieces of art, the NFTs are also doubling as members inside the Sleepy Sloth Society, where members can enjoy all the benefits within the development of the project. This project aims to have a sustainable future by bridging the gap between the real world and the metaverse, empowering the users with blockchain technology.

The Sleepy Sloth Society

To learn more about The Sleepy Sloth Society, visit https://sleepyslothsociety.io/

To learn more about Uplyft Capital, visit https://www.uplyftcapital.com/

To shop and learn more about Kanopy, check out https://kanopy.store/

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