The Haunting Beauty of Godspower Oshodin’s Poetry Collection ‘A Poet who Died By His Poem.’

Godspower Oshodin, the talented Nigerian poet, presents to us—with literary sagacity—an ambitious and memorable collection of poetry, his first.

For poets and readers alike, poetry is defined in many ways, but it can be generally agreed upon that poetry is essentially about beauty; how a bard beautifully weaves images using words, esoteric or plain. Oshodin’s volume of poetry is perforated throughout with a haunting beauty – whether he is writing about his daughter, Kika Esohe whom the book is dedicated to, who “came with a smile, around the texture of many delights”, or torching corrupt politicians in poems such as ‘Members of The New Dawn’ Oshodin’s talent shines through, his verses moving freely and gracefully like moonlight adrift at sea.  

Sturdy for a collection of poetry with 214 pages, ‘A Poet Who Died By His Poem’ centers on love, hate, emotions, family, global events, religion, history, education, romance, activism, justice, culture, and art, the compilation was nurtured out of decades of social frustrations penned as a form of relief. This relief is also isolating as it is self-therapeutic. Oshodin embodies the spirit of the most outstanding Nigerian writers before him who at all cost speak truth to power even if the outcome may make them pariahs of a sort. The titular poem ‘A Poet Who Died By His Poem’ presents this idea. He is at once a man who is left in solitude but who becomes an activist of the state and for which soon his works, even the little hate. Oshodin’s work does not secede life from art, it is anchored true to classical Aristotelian mimesis.

Published and launched in Dubai, ‘A Poet Who Died By His Poem’ isn’t simply praiseworthy because of the haunting beauty of its verses, the book is also an ambitious project which the author hopes will help in bridging the gap wedged across modern literary cultures by using poetry to connect with the current individual globalism.

‘I chose to launch my book in Dubai, because of the poetry culture embodied across Arabia. My time in the city, exposed me to its heritage and traditions, making it an ideal location for global release. My ambition is to create a footprint for young African writers to collaborate with Arab poets. African literature isn’t fully exposed in the Middle Eastern, this is an opportunity to develop and export literature culture exchange. I’m a fan of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s Nabati poetry. I’ve read several of his compositions in great awe; the gravity of his work, opens you up to self-reflect and to face your inevitable reality’ said Mr. Oshodin.

‘A Poet Who Died By His Poem’ is Godspower Oshodin’s first book of poetry, an outstanding debut for a tried and tested poet whom we will be hearing about for many years. A follow-up collection from Oshodin will be released in the United States in October 2022,  and it is easy to see why literary enthusiasts around the world are eagerly awaiting the release. He is for sure a poet to watch. 

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Godspower Oshodin is a multi-award-winning media entrepreneur, author, poet, writer, filmmaker, journalist, social commentator, humanitarian agent, farmer, and Chairman of Solution Media Global / Godspower Oshodin Global Foundation. Godspower Oshodin’s poems and articles have been featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines across the World. He wrote the official poem to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence in 2015.

He’s the founder of Young Talents Initiative an organization that is the driving force and backdrop of major talents in Nigeria. He is Co-author of Global Seal of Integrity an annual list that has Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Pope Francis, and Late Nelson Mandela as recipients

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