Award-Winning Naturopathic Oncologist Gurdev Parmar, ND, FABNO Releases Book, Reveals How Natural Immunity & Fever are Essential For Survival

Award-Winning Naturopathic Oncologist Gurdev Parmar, ND, FABNO Releases Book, Reveals How Natural Immunity & Fever are Essential For Survival
Arming the Immune System: The Incredible Power of Natural Immunity & the Fever Response

Dr. Gurdev Parmar has just published a new book on natural immunity and the fever response. This book is timely and is poised to help some people out of their anxiety about infections. Titled, “Arming the Immune System: The Incredible Power of Natural Immunity & the Fever Response,” the book explores what happens in the human body during an infection, and the power of fever. Dr. Parmar in his book reveals new knowledge about the immune system, and the natural immunity humans and most other living creatures have, that is essential to survival. 

Dr. Parmar’s intention with this newly released book is to educate the world about the exquisite orchestral biological, biochemical, and immunological responses that our bodies are hardwired to accomplish in order to fight infections and other diseases, including cancer. 

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and over 40,000 other retailers through IngramSpark,  this important book explains why people need to allow their body’s natural immunity to run its infinitely wise software and hardware. According to Dr. Parmar, the body is more effective at eliminating invaders than any military on earth. With supportive data, he discloses that virtually every living creature on earth builds a fever when infected. Every tested insect, fish, bird, cold-blooded amphibian, and mammal build fever in order to fight infections. This requires a lot of energy yet this mechanism persists, as it is required for survival. In fact, data in the book shows that if researchers interfere with the immune system and the fever response in all of these varied living organisms, infections are worsened and last longer.

The doctor goes all out to prove that fever is an essential part of the immune response throughout the animal kingdom. He shares stories of bees who make an effort to fever together, lizards who lounge around trying to get a fever, kids who’ve had chickenpox longer because they took antipyretic medicines, and, people whose cancer completely disappeared after a fever. 

According to Dr. Gurdev Parmar, “We’ve really come a long way in our understanding of the immune system in the last few decades. Since the turn of the 21st century, the scientific and medical communities have rapidly accelerated research in this field, with exponential growth since 2000. In 2020 alone, the FDA approved fifteen new immunotherapy treatments.”

He continues, “I’m happy to be sharing this important, age-old knowledge, especially at this time in the world. Inspired by the tireless efforts of the scientific and medical communities, I’m optimistic that this book will help spark conversation and change. Trust the wisdom inherent in your body, arm your immune system, and share the incredible power of the fever response. Because when we honour our bodies, we can be sick less, get better faster, and live healthier lives.”

About Gurdev Parmar, ND, FABNO

Dr. Parmar is an active clinician, researcher, lecturer, and writer. He is the co-founder and medical director of the Integrated Health Clinic (IHC), with locations in Fort Langley & White Rock, B.C. He established locoregional hyperthermia treatment in Canada in 2009. 

His clinic participated in the Canadian and U.S. Integrative Oncology Study (CUSIOS) and has also completed an eight-year retrospective study on his treatment approach, which has been presented internationally and published by Cambridge Scholars. He writes and lectures internationally on a wide variety of topics, including clinical hyperthermia, the tumour microenvironment, and integrative cancer care. 

He has served on the editorial board of several medical journals and is the Lead Author and Editor-in-Chief of the Textbook of Naturopathic Oncology: A Desktop Guide of Integrative Cancer Care, as well as the Pearlz Clinical eBook Series. 

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