Fanno Global has created platforms around the world and implemented the latest rescue model combined with online and offline resources

Fanno Global’s new rescue and win-win cooperation model strives for the goal of eliminating hunger

There are still 800 million hungry people in the world in 2022! The new rescue and win-win cooperation model needs people participation!

In 2019, an unexpected new crown epidemic broke out, which brought indelible disasters to people all over the world. Not only is the virus endangering the lives of people all over the world, but the global economy has fallen sharply. Countries need to make trade-offs between controlling the virus and avoiding a catastrophic economic and food security crisis, where the poor and hungry people who need the most help are still not getting enough to eat.

The epidemic has resonated with the crisis of refugees and victims, and the tide of refugees and victims has become more serious. It is difficult for all countries to take care of themselves, let alone take care of refugees. This year, the number of hungry people in the world is as high as 800 million. Even the frequency of natural disasters over the years has exacerbated the current situation of famine. Refugees are displaced and victims are starving and at risk.

The World Hunger Relief Organization is a large-scale public welfare organization with a long history and independent of government and religion. Since its establishment in Bonn, Germany in 1962, the organization has made many contributions to the cause of public welfare relief. According to statistics, the organization has completed 6,250 relief projects in more than 70 countries in need, and has ample experience in this area, sending real warmth to people in need around the world.

Based on the analysis of the current situation of the new crown epidemic, World Hunger Today has seized the development opportunity of the first year of e-commerce.

The World Hunger Relief Organization and Fanno have established a new type of relief partnership: jointly create a Fanno Global win-win blockchain mall. Relying on the development of network technology, Fanno Global have created platforms around the world and implemented the latest rescue model combined with online and offline resources.

The goal of the World Hunger Relief Organization is to make good use of online and offline resources to launch an online win-win blockchain mall and combine offline transportation systems around the world within ten years. In addition, in response to the unemployment and employment difficulties of the offline poor, the promotion of the win-win blockchain mall is completed by the use of social independent development, and Fanno Global work together to fight for the goal of alleviating hunger. Give full play to the role of blockchain technology, so that poverty alleviation assistance can be truly realized, and every money can be truly put into practice and used in the charity industry.

The participation of Fanno makes it a win-win situation, and the charity has never been a one-sided contribution. Today, Fanno Global face the world and call on like-minded friends to join hands with people to forge ahead together. All people have to do is join Fanno Global to open an online store, and charities will come to its store to pick and buy items. People earn 10-15% of every item sold, and Relief World Hunger actively contributes 1% of the revenue generated. After the charitable person receives the goods, the funds for the purchase will be returned. At the same time, people don’t need to worry about encountering any difficulties, there will be volunteers to assist people in the work of Fanno Global‘s online store. Fanno Global will also continue to increase the commission to reward people, seeking more people to support and join.

The World Hunger Relief Organization will also invest the money in relief projects and disaster assistance. In addition, the organization attaches great importance to the construction and development of infrastructure reconstruction, social education, strengthening of civil society, health care, and other aspects of people’s livelihood, and a number of related projects that have been approved will also receive financial support. The World Hunger Organization will be able to better promote the development and implementation of the project.

Fanno Global aim to eradicate famine and poverty issues around the world. With people’s help, people who are suffering will be able to receive relief, and Fanno Global look forward to more people joining for charity.

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