Serve Up, Chinese New Year – Food knows no boundaries, but cultural inclusiveness

Recently, An Naonao, a French food lover who has been living in Beijing for 10 years, posted a video on social media about the reaction of his family to the program Serve Up, Chinese New Year, attracting the attention of a large number of netizens at home and abroad who are interested in Chinese food culture.

Hardcore New Year’s food documentary: showing a Chinese New Year with multiple flavors

Serve Up, Chinese New Year is a Chinese New Year’s Eve food documentary created by Youku. Zhang Wei, director of Ali Entertainment Youku Documentary Center and program director, expressed the initial intention of producing the program, saying, “I hope to open a new window in the field of food documentaries through a series of 10-minute hardcore cool movies, so that more young people can enjoy food documentaries and learn more about traditional food and culture.” This food documentary invites famous comedian Qiao Shan to take up the role of New Year’s food sharing officer, which is also the first time for Qiao Shan’s voice to star in a food documentary. He explains each dish with his natural self-humorous northeastern dialect, and his familiar accent makes the audience feel intimate. Serve Up, New Year is the first talk show-style food documentary, combining food and comedy, which undoubtedly opens up a new track of food documentaries. Combining the most regional characteristics of the city’s Chinese New Year dishes and traditional Chinese New Year customs, the program shows a unique Chinese New Year with multiple flavors, making everyone experience the living atmosphere brought by Chinese food in 12 cities with special features!

Fresh East, Sweet South, Sour West and Salty North: showing the culture

The director team of the program Serve Up, Chinese New Year goes to a city in each episode and invites local chefs to make hardcore Chinese New Year’s Eve dishes with regional characteristics, from Jiamusi to Macau, from Beijing to Gannan, from Lingshui to Yanji, presenting unique New Year’s Eve dinners from different places while showing the blossoming and inclusiveness of Chinese food culture. Living in China with a vast territory and plentiful resources, intelligent Chinese people only need to take local ingredients to make a regional cuisine with unique flavors, thus to form a unique local food culture. It is reported that the video of An Naonao released on social media aroused discussions on Chinese specialties among netizens in France, Germany, Italy and other countries, who expressed their love for Chinese food, and the media of many countries also reported on the matter with praise.

Food without borders: showing the change from “I” to “we” in food

The combination of Chinese and French specialties of New Year’s Eve dinner shared by Ann Naonao shows us the diversity of Chinese food culture. The video is supported and loved by overseas netizens and shows us the inclusiveness of food culture. Food connects people around the world, and Serve up, Chinese New Year has also given the world a deeper understanding of the distinctive regional food culture of China after its broadcast. Let everyone use food as a carrier to communicate more about food and culture across nationalities, languages and borders, so that “I” can become “we”.

Serve Up, Chinese New Year: exploring new expressions of humanistic values

The form of the Chinese New Year may change with the times, but we are never absent from the Chinese New Year ritual. Serve Up, Chinese New Year, broadcast during the traditional Chinese festival, reflects the active living atmosphere of Chinese people. The program team accurately extracted the key kernel of “serve up” and combined it with the popular online self-deprecating hot memes of young people nowadays, plus the magical presentation of multiple scenarios of “serve up” by artists to continuously strengthen the user’s mind of “Serve Up, Chinese New Year”, which also set the tone of the program. The combination of food and folklore in the new era is a new outlet for the program to export humanistic care to users, and a new expression of the taste of Chinese New Year for young people in contemporary society.

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