JSON Data Source Added to Open Automation Software

Open Automation Software, a company offering an industrial automation solution, has added a JSON data source. With this integration, OAS users get access to automatic data validation by setting the data type to JSON. The developers at OAS are constantly engaged in expanding the platform compatibility. Adding JSON data source to OAS allow users to set the Data Type to JSON for automatic data validation.

It is both human and machine-readable and is independent of any programming language. Many IoT applications utilize JSON because it is more programmatic and self-describing. Many platforms have switched from XML to JSON and it is also supported by all modern browsers. OAS platform has also added JSON to enable users to read and write real-time data.

Open Automation Software provides OPC, HMI, SCADA, and IoT technology services. As a trusted name for developing efficient IIoT solutions, the OAS platform is used by several industries to achieve the full potential of industrial automation. The company develops solutions that surpass other products in terms of connectivity, customization, and flexible licensing. “Adding JSON means users can set OAS Tags to JSON for automatic validation.  Setting the Data Source as JSON will show more properties and users can either modify the base structure or use the same base structure for multiple tags. JSON represents data in two ways- object and array. A JSON document database is designed to store data as JSON documents. With JSON document databases, users can easily store and query data because it works on the same document-model format that is used by developers in application code”, says OAS platform developer.

JSON document database is used for real-time big data that allow businesses to store and manage operational data from any source.  It is lightweight and human-readable which has made it a great replacement for XML notation. Adding JSON to the OAS platform will help in integrating with many external systems like cloud-based analytics platforms, and for working within common Industrial IoT scenarios. The OAS Platform supports JSON formatted data to improve functionality. OAS endeavors to formulate the most effective industrial IoT solutions that help businesses to move, monitor, and connect data on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi platforms. The company develops a solution that reduces the integration efforts and ensures the highest possible flexibility.

About OAS:

Open Automation Software is an IoT company, offering scalable IIoT solutions for more than 28 years. The company has developed a platform that helps businesses in creating efficient industrial automation and IoT structure.OAS designs the best IoT and edge computing solutions and provides data logging, data transformations, notifications, and cross-platform integration.

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