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Local Electrician in Sterling, VA, Serving all of Loudoun County, Virginia. LTJ Electric is advising people to check the electrics of a property they are intending to buy.

A local electrician in Sterling, VA, serving all of Loudoun County, Virginia is advising people looking to purchase a new property to check the electrics before signing the paperwork. LTJ Electric who has become one of the most recommended in their field has said it could be an expensive mistake not checking the electrics.

The Sterling, VA Electrician that provides a one-stop shop in electric installation and repair services is committed to keeping people safe. Those services include energy efficient audit, home surge protection, panel upgrades, and solar panel installation to name a few. All services come with a full guarantee.

The local Sterling, VA electrician has recommended those looking to purchase a property do the following checks or hire a professional company to do a complete audit before signing any paperwork.

Check that outlet’s work

First of all, it is important to find out when the property was last rewired or if it has been rewired. Then, the person looking to purchase the property should go around the whole of the property and check the state of the outlets and then test them. They should test them by plugging in a device to make sure the outlet works with no problems.

Turn on each light switch

Have a walk around the property and check the light switches. Make should they are in good working order. Switch the lights on and make sure the lights do not flicker.

Review the basement

If the property has a basement, then it is important that the electrical box is checked. Make sure there are no unsecured wires.

If the potential buyer is not confident to check the electrics, then it is advisable to get an expert such as LTJ Electric ( to check them.

Having a local Electrician in Sterling, VA to check the electrics could save the potential buyer a huge headache. It could result in the electrician finding major faults that could make it a serious mistake buying the property. If there are serious electrical problems with the property and the person is still interested in purchasing the property, then it could put the buyer in a better position. They could agree with the seller to drop the price due to the cost of the problem or problems that need to be fixed.

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