BitVito: On February 10th, the first global live broadcast of ‘V·Moment’ succeeded

Denver, Colorado – With the enthusiasm of blockchain lovers around the world, BitVito’s first global live broadcast, V·Moment, which lasted for more than one hour, has came to an end. The data showed that the event was a complete success.

According to official data, as of 15:00(UTC+8) on February 10th, 2022, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room of the global live broadcast of “V·moment No.1” was 100,000+,with the highest number of simultaneous online users of 60,000+,18,266 comments and 13,881 reposts. There are 13,000+broadcast coverage in New Zealand, 20,000+broadcast coverage in the United States, 10,000+broadcast coverage in Britain, 10,000+broadcast coverage in NY, 10,000+broadcast coverage in Japan, 8,000+broadcast coverage in Thailand and 6,000+broadcast coverage in Vietnam, and 168 applications for KOL cooperation. The number of new registrations increased by 1388% year-on-year.

Attending the global live broadcast of “V – moment No.1” is Hayden Bell, CEO of BitVito. Young and promising, he always firmly believes that all kinds of trading products in the traditional financial field will eventually be completely surpassed by bitcoin with faster market fluctuation, younger audience and wilder market. As a mysterious guest, Professor V, the chief trading scientist of BitVito, also appeared in the live broadcast and interacted with friends in the live broadcast room. The atmosphere in the live broadcast room is quite pleasant. Everyone enjoyed this precious blockchain friendly exchange activity very much. In fact, the rapid growth of cryptocurrency has not only brought more novel investment products to investors, but also brought more extensive application space to users limited by the financial system. Through the interview of Daria, the host who graduated from Columbia University School of Journalism, an Ivy League school in the United States, and the narration of Hayden Bell, CEO, people have a clearer understanding of BitVito’s development history and the story behind it.

Professor V, chief Trading/Transaction Scientist of BitVito

In fact, BitVito was originally founded by CEO Hayden Bell’s love for traveling and exploring new places. During a trip to Africa in 2014, CEO Hayden Bell learned that as many as 80% people there did not have traditional bank accounts, but depended on cash, barter and trade patterns. During the trip to Dubai, CEO Hayden Bell found that although Dubai was famous for its large-scale development and wealth in recent years, many foreigners still said that they were sending money back to China to support their families. In fact, one of them told him that as many as 75% foreigners still send money home from Dubai. In other words, most of them don’t have or can’t get bank accounts, so they will use the exchange such as money order or Western Union remittance to use the classic SWIFT system. After returning to New Zealand, CEO Hayden Bell started his own trading and investment trip, trying different platforms and products to see what works and what doesn’t. During this period, one of the main things that CEO Hayden Bell noticed was the limitations caused by various credit mechanisms, the transfer speed was usually slow, and the portfolio cost brought by these platforms was quite high. He soon realized the boundaries of traditional finance and how we need to control these boundaries to succeed. The whole traditional financial system seems to be set up for those who have wealth to create more wealth, so that a few people can enjoy privileges in the process.

Hayden Bell, CEO of BitVito, pointed out that there are still some problems in the encryption industry. For example, in the absence of target market localization, there are still some stability problems in the transaction. Moreover, the transaction cost is quite high. People see that beginners still have some difficulties in adapting to new forms of digital finance and understanding products and their working methods; Quite a number of projects are listed in a hurry without proper due diligence, which usually leads to manipulation by creators or developers. At the same time, the regulatory policies and market structure in many countries have not gained a firm foothold and are constantly changing. In essence, people need these regulators to provide clearer guidance, so that they can help end users achieve their goals faster. BitVito aims to solve some of the existing problems by combining Internet technology and blockchain technology. By linking the two together, it will lay a better foundation for users, which will help lay a foundation for providing better cryptocurrency products in the future. Now, after several years of development, BitVito’s team gradually finds itself a part of the pioneering future of digital finance. Decentralized finance is undergoing great changes. It has been creating a more accessible and fair financial platform. One of BitVito’s goals is to eliminate the disadvantages of centralized finance, so that everyone can get equal opportunities.

Hayden Bell, CEO of Bitto, said: Bitto is the latest project of the group. Founded in 2010, the group is headquartered in New Zealand. The Group has many years of experience in the traditional financial field, and has excellent performance records in foreign exchange, stocks and futures. Therefore, the Group is committed to changing the world of centralized finance with an open and innovative attitude. BitVito has been developed for about three years now. In essence, it is a financial exchange that provides trading services such as legal tender, cryptocurrency spot, futures and price difference contracts. Users only need to hold one base currency in their accounts, which will enable them to trade all-round global products, whether in the traditional financial field or cryptocurrency field.

When referring to “What is the story behind the name BitVITO”, CEO Hayden Bell said with a smile: BitVito is a combination of BIT and Vito. “BIT” stands for the minimum number of bitcoins, that is, 1,000,000 units or one bit. “VITO” comes from the Italian word and can be translated into “life”, which is the modern form of the Latin word “VITUS” and means “life giver”. When the two are combined, their purpose is to symbolize a better vision of cryptocurrency and inject vitality into trading and investment. With this vision, people see that a new financial world is being created, and everyone has equal opportunities and equal opportunities.

For BitVito’s future market development and planning, CEO Hayden Bell also gave a very clear direction. From the very beginning, BitVito has been committed to the global digital asset market, and thus registered in many countries and regions. At present, BitVito supports transactions in Korea, Japan, the United States, Vietnam, Turkey and Russia, and strictly abides by the regulations and compliance of these jurisdictions. The goal is to create a global cryptocurrency exchange, compete and provide users with a low-cost entrance to start their journey. BitVito plans to participate in some new projects, such as METAVERSE, GAMEFI, NFT and DAO. I believe these will enrich BitVito’s product matrix and make us go faster and further.

Regarding the compliance and supervision of encryption industry, CEO Hayden Bell pointed out that for BitVito, compliance is the premise and foundation of everything we do. BitVito must be supervised to better embrace the encryption market. Therefore, the company has been licensed and has MSBs from the United States and Canada, and BitVito has been registered as “digital currency Exchange” or DCE in Australia. Bitto’s goal is to continue to apply for local licenses around the world, so that Bitto can protect users’ transaction information and asset security, aiming at providing users with safe, convenient and fair blockchain asset services.

In the interactive session, Hayden patiently talked with users in Chinese-speaking areas about the development of blockchain and the future of cryptocurrency market. Hayden stressed that the future development direction will definitely be a safer exchange, especially a more humane exchange, which is the inevitable destination of future development, so the foothold is users. User-friendliness includes many aspects, including not only security, but also service, innovation, technology, etc. These factors have far-reaching influence on user experience. BitVito has many advantages about cryptocurrency, including cross-border licensing, auditing and compliance. The original “profit bonus system” allows users to earn more, which is fundamentally humanized. There are also ultra-high capital utilization rate, no capital rate, extremely low transaction rate and so on. In addition, there are rich ecological matrices such as contracts, spot, DeFi and NFT in the layout, which will achieve win-win results in the future. Not only that, BitVito has professional operations in many parts of the world and can provide 7*24 humanized services. For decades, the professional technical team, who knows more about code and users, escorts every transaction of BitVito. As mentioned earlier, BitVito has been strictly audited and abided by the compliance. In the future, BitVito will continue to follow the policies and regulations of various countries in the process of market development and compliance operation, and make unremitting efforts on the road of rapid development of cryptocurrency.

This activity covers the industry pain points, industry development trends, transaction logic, ecological mechanism and long-term planning. More than 100 vertical media and portals have tracked and reported on this, witnessing BitVito Exchange’s strong attack, breaking the barriers of traditional finance and cryptocurrency, building a new financial ecology of openness, innovation and win-win, and further promoting the forward-looking pioneering work of the integration of traditional finance and cryptocurrency.

It is believed that through this global live broadcast activity, BitVito Exchange will continue to integrate the strong capital strength of its platform with the group potential of huge users, and continuously enlarge the wealth benefits. Driven by “being born for users”, BitVito has created a new era legend of win-win cooperation between cryptocurrency market and traditional financial market.

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