Australia PLANT ANGEL: Leading the New Era of Australian Health Brand Development with Technological Innovation

When it comes to Australian brands, everyone thinks of natural and safe. In recent years, a brand named PLANT ANGEL has risen strongly in Australia. It has become the brand with the highest sales growth rate in Australia for three consecutive years, selling well in 31 countries and regions and becoming a dark horse in Australia. The reporter learned that, in addition to continuing focus on the biological and safety, adhering to the combination of natural raw materials and cutting-edge formula medical technology, investing heavily in technological innovation, integrating high-quality global resources, and distributing R&D and production bases are the success secrets of this new generation of Australian health brands.

It is understood that PLANT ANGEL is based on the urgent needs of youth DHA supplementation, brain memory improvement, eye protection, and focuses on pregnancy and infant nutrition, children’s growth and development, children’s brain science, and vision science. The company continues to develop and expand its line of nutritional and health products for adolescent growth, which is sold in 31 countries and regions worldwide.

As a professional maternity and infant nutrition brand of Australia’s Nosi Pharmaceutical Group, PLANT ANGEL advocates natural and deeply integrates with scientific formula and advanced technology. In terms of R&D , PLANT ANGEL is also the first brand to use multi-structure lecithin to improve brain development and memory.

PLANT ANGEL also delivered satisfactory results with an excellent market response in the use effect. According to statistics, since 2016, PLANT ANGEL’s full line of healthy nutrition products has risen sharply in the global market. Among them, nutrition products for pregnancy and infants increased by 25%; growth and development products for children increased by 31%; children’s brain science products increased by 26%; vision science products increased by 35%. The above figures are all year-on-year growth. Today, PLANT ANGEL has four major production bases globally and has built a complete global supply chain system, standing out among the solid Australian brands.

At present, PLANT ANGEL’s core products include vegetable capsules children’s DHA, pregnant women’s DHA, brain memory tablets, growth calcium tablets, and children’s lutein tablets. “From the development of auxiliary brain cells needed in mothers and infants; to memory enhancement, calcium supplementation, and vision required protection in children’s growth. Our core products always focus on the vital growth needs of children at each stage of growth. They are committed to providing support for the healthy development of young people worldwide. “Introduced by Mike Roland, CEO of PLANT ANGEL.

He also stated: “PLANT ANGEL’s brain memory tablets have become a must-have nutritional supplement for students preparing for exams in South Korea, Southeast Asia, and other countries, and plant capsule DHA ranks among the best-selling infant dietary supplements in Europe. In addition, the performance of eye protection products is also very eye-catching, with a cumulative sales volume of 49 million bottles in many countries. Its natural and effective formula has been selected as an official eye protection nutritional product recommended by the NATL Lab.”

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