The Pros and Cons of OMOTE Food Vacuum Sealer

It’s pandemic time and there is a need to store food products safely with the help of products like OMOTE Food Vacuum Sealer. It provides support for dry, moist and pule modes. The sealer includes an integrated cutter and starter kit. As part of Valentine’s Day, the company is offering limited-time discount via coupon.


The OMOTE Food Vacuum Sealer features three modes such as Dry, Moist and Pulse. The pulse mode can be used to manage the time and pressure, which ultimately enhances the performance of the product.

The customers can easily customize bags without buying bags of different sizes. The food sealer is equipped with a knife and groove. The built-in cutter can be gently slid to create a custom-sized bag. The Seal button can be used to seal one side of the bag. Make sure the open side of the bag is placed in the sealing area to vacuum and seal successfully.

The product package includes one accessory hose, wine cork, vacuum sealer roll and 5 sealing bags. The additional costs can be saved for sealing multi-container storage such as cans, boxes and wine bottles.

The handheld vacuum sealer includes a roil holder, which holds a 5-meter sealing roll.


It is designed using a small form factor without a removable drip tray. If the water draws out too much, then the user will have to perform cleaning themselves during the vacuuming stage.

The machine is not capable of sterilizing but can only extend the period of food in the refrigerator. Moreover, the cleaner cannot achieve the sterile treatment of commercial vacuum.

The OMOTE Food Vacuum Sealer is available for $59.99 with an additional discount of 10% via Amazon Clip Coupon for a limited time:

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