Chase Geiser leads the way in reinforcing Americanism through engaging conversations at ‘One American Podcast’

From issues on politics and pop culture to the most important news stories, Chase Geiser sits down with key influencers to cut through the madness of American politics and reinforce Americanism.

After launching a game-changing podcast channel, Chase Geiser is quickly becoming a household name through One American Podcast, a platform that aims to reinforce the values and ideals of America.

“I started this podcast because there is a concerted effort to shame America and what it means to be American,” says Chase. One American Podcast reinforces Americanism by having conversations with key influencers of all sorts of different backgrounds and beliefs, but with one thing in common – the belief in America and that America is inherently good.

In one of its recent episodes, Chase talked about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, and why America is always at war. He discussed the topic with Scott Horton, director of The Libertarian Institute at, editorial director of, and host of Antiwar Radio for Pacifica. 

During the conversation, Scott raised the need to limit the powers of the national government, especially in the realm of foreign policy, which has been a subject of much debate and criticism in recent years.

“How about we could just have the 50 states with extremely limited powers but without a national government? Why can’t we just trade and not have a security state? We’re not threatened by anyone anywhere,” says Scott.

Chase, for his part, says he’s even more afraid of the national government, saying he wakes up in the middle of the night, looks at her one-year-old daughter, and experiences flashes of fear that he will be in prison despite not having the intention of committing a crime. 

“I never ever fear for a moment that I’m gonna be the victim of a terrorist attack. I do have a flash of fear like, what if I get locked up? What if they throw me because I’m a political dissident? I’m pretty vocal on Twitter, and that’s fine now – but what if it’s not fine 20 years from now?” stressed Chase.

These are the kind of conversations offered by One American Podcast – discussions that take a dive into pressing issues, especially surrounding nationalism, and stay on track in forwarding the idea that America is inherently good.

“If you believe in things like the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and want to be part of the conversation with others who do too, then you’re in the right place,” Chase said. 

He adds, “So I’m asking you today, as one American, to subscribe to the channel on YouTube & keep the conversation going to reawaken America.”

Chase lives, works and podcasts from Austin, Texas, and welcomes speaking and podcast booking requests. Individuals and organizations may inquire by completing a form on the One American Podcast website or sending a direct message to Chase Geiser on Twitter. Others who wish to learn more about the podcast and its latest episodes may check out the site to get started.

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