BloSafe, “SCOPE” Blockchain Security Service Update

BloSafe, a company specializing in blockchain security, announced that they have acquired and updated “SCOPE” (, an automated blockchain smartcontract (source code) security audit service.

SCOPE analyzes the security vulnerabilities of blockchain smartcontract using static (source code) and dynamic (binary) analysis techniques and provides them in the form of SaaS. Blockchain development has a fatal limitation: it cannot be modified once written. So, to prevent hacking, a security audit is required before the development is complete.

Seungil Kang, CEO of BloSafe, pointed out that “the problem is that most of the blockchain APPs are developed in a vulnerable state because security checks are not performed in the development process.”

On a good note, SCOPE declares to provide a better solution by using the auditing technology of distributed nodes to detect vulnerabilities within 5 minutes and generate a report on the security status. SCOPE tokens (SCO) are given as a reward to nodes that have performed the audit, and the corresponding token goes through the economic ecosystem used to pay the SCOPE audit fee. In addition, SCO will be listed on a global exchange within the first half of 2022.

SCOPE has a stable history of reputation of auditing over 20 tokens (USDT, BNB, Shiba inu, etc.) ranked as ERC Top Tokens on the platform.

In addition, CEO Kang participated in the 2019 San Francisco conference in the U.S. representing SCOPE as it was selected to be a participating company in the global security conference RSA in recognition of its technological prowess.

Blosafe has also stated that they will soon support the security audit of the Solana platform through the expansion of the R&D team for the blockchain security audit.

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