DATOU BOSS Offers 1000W Infrared Lamp for Quick and Effective Local Paint Drying

DATOU BOSS Offers 1000W Infrared Lamp for Quick and Effective Local Paint Drying

“Short-wave infrared has a high light yield and a strong penetration capacity. It can penetrate directly into the paint layer to accelerate its molecular chemical reaction so that the water solvent in the coating can quickly volatilize, allowing the coating to cure quickly. The two-component paint only takes 15 minutes. It only takes 5 minutes to dry. Therefore, the surface gloss of the paint is high and the coating adhesion is strong. Greatly reduce wrinkles and tears.”
DATOU BOSS IR paint curing lamp is effective for repairing car scratches quickly. This handheld infrared lamp has a power of 1000W and is effective in drying local paint surfaces even in cold temperatures.

Datou Boss, a specialist in infrared lamps, has announced a paint curing lamp (DT-002) with a power of 1000W. This infrared lamp is effective for various auto body repairs jobs like quick repair of car scratches, drying putty, car spray baking booth, and more. Datou Boss company representative explained, “Datou paint curing lamp is a versatile handheld infrared lamp you can use for your small auto body repair and other purposes such as furniture drying, accelerating  car film covers, advertising industry, and more. Its quartz halogen infrared lamp can generate temperatures of 60-80° C /(140-176° F) and shortwave infrared light can penetrate the paint layer, drying the entire coat, inside and out.”

Datou Boss auto body heat lamp is effective for surface drying up to 300*150mm (11.8*5.9 inch) area. The 1000W shortwave infrared lamp can make heat flow back through the conductive coating. Therefore, this product is suitable for auto body repair and other purposes that require high thermal during the process. In addition, the  front body of the lamp is made of aluminum mesh, and the backside is made from aluminum alloy with multiple holes small to improve the heat dissipation function and enhance the service life.

Besides providing high thermal to accelerate paint drying, it also has a wide range of applications for use as cost-effective paint booth heat lamps. The Datou Boss heat lamp 1000W is an effective tool for spot repair, engine drying, drying primer, preheating before spraying, custom vinyl car wrapping, and more. The Datou Boss infrared lamp 1000W price is $37.00, with coupon code available on the website, shoppers can get this product for only $29.6. Check the website now to get special prices. Datou Boss products have patents in China, the USA, UK, Japan, Europe. Moreover, they have FCC, PSE, CER certifications.

Datou Boss is a leading automotive equipment manufacturer from China. Their products include automotive infrared paint lights, high-power inverters, automotive snow chains, research and development, photo studio ceiling rails, production and sales enterprises. Datou Boss has subordinate branches: Zhengzhou Datou Hardware Products Co., Ltd. In 2021, Datou Boss has won the honor of “National High and New Technology” and “National Science and Technology Enterprise”.

For more information about Datou Boss infrared lamp 1000W, please visit https://xdatou.com/products/datou-boss-car-infrared-paint-curing-lamp1000w-dt-002.

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