Advantages of Short Wave Infrared Lamps for Auto Paint Cure

Advantages of Short Wave Infrared Lamps for Auto Paint Cure

“The cure area of this infrared paint curing lamp is 85*55cm (33.5*21.7in); The working temperature can reach to 60-80°C (140-176°F). Equipped with two pieces powerful 1000W short-wave infrared lamp, which can make the heat flow back through the conductive coating and strengthen the curing and heating function.”
Short-wave infrared for baking paint provides numerous advantages. The 2000W infrared paint curing lamp is a multifunctional infrared lamp that reduces dry time, is environmentally friendly, and accelerates the curing of new paint.

The auto repair and painting industries have used short-wave infrared paint curing lamp for baking paint. The use of short-wave infrared paint-curing lamps in the auto repair industry provides various advantages. It reaches full temperature immediately and has 80% radiation efficiency. It also reduces the drying time of the paint/coat and makes the painting process more comfortable. Short-wave infrared lamps can be used  as soon as the paint application is complete. It dries paint, putty, and coating immediately. Therefore, the short-wave infrared lamps are very popular among auto body repair shops worldwide.

In addition, the short-wave infrared lamp for baking paint generates a high-intensity temperature, and the energy generated from the lamp could penetrate deeper into an object. The short-wave infrared lamp cures two times as fast as the medium-wave while using half the energy. In the paint cure process, the temperature of the infrared lamp could reach 30-100°C. Therefore, extra attention is needed to prevent damage to other parts.

SWIR (Short-wave infrared) lamp products such as Datou Boss YD-2000W Infrared lamp is a multifunctional body shop heat lamps that has a power of 2000W. The YD-2000W model has two 1000W short-wave infrared lamps that can cure and area of 85*55cm (33.5*21.7 inches).  In addition, it is equipped with a movable stand and lifting function, making the paint curing process flexible and convenient. With movable parts, this infrared lamp can reach all auto body surfaces easily.

Datou Boss YD-2000W Infrared lamp provides safe and advanced features. This infrared lamp is equipped with advanced technologies such as microcomputer control, digital display pulse, timing and temperature adjustment, and 360° rotation. This paint heat lamp is also equipped with a safe handle design to prevent injury during the lamp operation and a 2,8 m long power cord.

Choosing the proper paint heat lamp can enhance productivity and improve paint results. Investing in short-wave infrared lamps will have many advantages. Infrared paint curing lamp with 2000W power is available at Datou Boss online store. The price of the Datou Boss short-wave infrared lamp is approximately $273.50, but shoppers can get a discount price for as little as $218.8 by using a coupon code. For more information, please visit Datou Boss website at

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