Thoughtz, an artificial intelligence based app, is the future of thinking

The innovative real-time collaboration platform, Thoughtz, has opened a private and public sale of Thoughtz Coin (THZ) as it gears up to introduce its Web3 blockchain ecosystem app in Q2, 2022, connecting like-minded thinkers around the world.

Zurich, Switzerland – Feb 17, 2022 – The Thoughtz app will break ground with an intuitive artificial intelligence engine that connects users based on user-generated thought starters, helping socialize the art of thinking.

Thoughtz was developed as a rewarding social network to match users expressing similar thoughts, allowing users to easily and instantly engage others in meaningful discourse about any conceivable topic of mutual interest.

Founder and CEO, Siva Dantuluri, said Thoughtz made it effortless for every user to connect with like-minded thinkers and discuss, brainstorm, or find solutions at the speed of thought.

“We are incredibly excited about the possibilities Thoughtz creates for communities of thinkers globally to expand their minds and bring ideas to life,” said Mr Dantuluri.

“Even with search engines and online forums it’s often difficult to find someone in real-time who shares a similar interest, can help explain a problem, or act as a sounding board to an idea, so Thoughtz provides that immediate solution.

“This is the first blockchain-based social platform that pairs users who then share what they know or discover what they don’t.

“Our Native Language Processing functionality delivers an intuitive thought-matching experience to ensure each connection is relevant, and users waste no time getting their ideas out into the world.”

Ahead of the Thoughtz app launch in Q2, 2022, the company has introduced a high-potential Thoughtz Token Sale, enabling the sale of its own crypto token Thoughtz Coin (THZ).

The ongoing private sale and public sale of THZ beginning 18 March 2022 will function as a capital-raising initiative for the company to invest in the platform’s evolution.

Mr Dantuluri said users could also earn Thoughtz tokens as reward for sharing their knowledge and contributing to the Thoughtz community.

“Contributors can receive Thoughtz tokens for successful referrals to the platform, when other users like their conversation, or if a user tips them for engaging in conversation and sharing their expertise,” Mr Dantuluri said.

“Thoughtz will also house knowledge experts who will have the ability to charge tokens for their services, with rates determined by the experts.”

Mr Dantuluri said the company’s Web3 ambitions would drive Thoughtz into new territory this year, including implementation of a global marketplace for users to mint, list and sell their thoughts as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

“We are delivering on our vision to build an NFT marketplace where users can create their own NFTs around thoughts, ideas, quotes, or even poetry,” said Mr Dantuluri.

“Minting and selling a thought is an incredibly unique way to express something intangible through digital art, and the sky’s the limit with what users can create.”

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About Thoughtz:

An innovative new thought-matching platform to satisfy the curiosity in all of us. With a high-functioning artificial intelligence engine, Thoughtz is a social platform that can accurately match users with shared thoughts and ideas. Based in Switzerland, the company strives to foster, enable, and cultivate connections between minds across the globe in real-time. Thoughz is part of Bharg Technologies GmbH.

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